Tuesday, January 1, 2019

One Day Closer...

A few words a few days late.  But the truth of the words are beyond time itself!

One day closer to that day
anticipated so!
The shops and stores enjoy it and
so hate to see it go!
But those most fortunate--they know
that day--it never ends!
The same ones Jesus looks at saying
"You--you are my friends!"

Friends are them that celebrate Him

all throughout the year!
They speak to Him and, when they speak
they tune to Him the ear;
but, greater so, they carry out
the words that they have heard;
and, in the lives of those so faithful,
victory is occurred!

One day closer to that day
that is sought near and far;
but them that know Him--even now,
victorious they are!
They know His birth is celebration
all creation-wide!
They know His birth--it is the greatest
thing to have inside!!

Jesus' birth inside a willing heart.  There be no greater joy in this life!  Are YOU born again?  Is Jesus alive inside of you?  Let Him live Himself THROUGH you that the whole world may know His joy!

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