Monday, January 21, 2019

No matter where!

Standing at a pulpit before thousands of people.
Declaring faith before them and reassuring them of The Way.  Such be an imposing calling, true.  But what about when there is no one else around?  Is that calling to glorify Him any less significant...

Alone again, before the Lord,
before His mighty throne;
with His life inside the heart,
not ever is "alone!"
And with His attributes and Presence
all about to weigh,
His worship and his adoration
flow with naught to stay!

Worthy is His Majesty
of glory and all laud
even with no one around
to join you and applaud!
For God is with you--and He is
the object of all praise!
Oh find that place of adoration
in ALL of your days!

"JESUS--Blessed be Your Name,
it is above all names!
The very deepest of the heart,
Your majesty, proclaims!
For there is none like You, Lord, no--
for there is not another!
I lift You up on high, for You
are closer than a brother!"

How priceless be that personal time with God.  Yes, we do NEED fellowship one with another, but the greater need of a healthy heart and soul be that one-on-one time with God in prayer, in fellowship, in life itself.
Find that time for Him in your own life.  You will be so glad you did!

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