Sunday, January 27, 2019

Just mere words

"Who am I?"
That thought kept going over and over in my heart as I listened to someone the other day tell me how a certain poem I wrote affected them.  Truth is, I don't always "feel" like writing.  So it is this evening.  It has been a rough day, yet here I am, waiting for what He is going to write on the screen in front of me...

Regardless how we feel,

Jesus--He is still real,
and God has all control
of life, of health, of soul!
Even when it hurts to write,
He takes such great delight
and fills in lines for me,
until, message, you see.

He is much greater than the pain;
and NEVER is He "plain!"
He takes my words and lines

and a message He designs!
To some, it makes no sense...
to others, it's life intense...
to some, it's prophecy...
to some, just words to see.
But if you allow Him to,
He'll give these words a view
and you'll see what He will say--
it just may change your way!

Though pain may be inside...
though 'reasoning' may hide,
He's faithful to make clear
with that one that needs to hear!
And so I pen these lines
that God Most High designs
KNOWING that he will speak
unto those hearts that seek!

I pray that You hear what God is trying to say to You in the many ways He uses to do so.  This man is but a conduit, an avenue of His communication.  My skills and talents are nothing until Holy Spirit touches them, ordains them and causes them to reach the hearts of others.

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