Wednesday, January 30, 2019


A beautiful January day.  Raring to get out and enjoy it, but one thing stops us: the temperature!  (It stops some of us!)  It does not stop, however, God from creating another glorious sight...

Upon the barren branches

the messengers await;
winter yet to have its grip
and, yet, they celebrate!
They sing about the glory of
the sky so very blue...
they sing of their Creator Who
so blesses them with hue!

Upon the barren branches,
(save many evergreen,)
the choruses are ringing out
so blissful and serene!
The temp--it seems to matter not,
(according to their song,)
they sing because they know The One
to Whom they each belong!
And we join them in their verses,
(although behind a glass!)
For praises to Creator God
so easily amass
as we behold the glory of
another winter day,
and savor His provision perfect--
there be no other way!

Yes, it is cold.  VERY cold!  But life goes on, God is still in control, Jesus is still going to return and, like He said in His Word, "This, too, shall pass!"
Blessed be the assurance we have in Jesus!!

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