Tuesday, January 8, 2019

God's House

In the middle of a very large city, about 450 miles from home, in a large building filled with very few familiar faces.  However, One Person causes us to come together...

What a beautiful place to be-

the Presence of The Lord!
How lofty be that golden song
His Spirit to afford!
It draws together o so many--
differences aside--
and fellowship has taken place
here in the eventide!

So many, unknown to each other,
(but well-known unto God)
gathered here to glorify Him,
oh, His grace to laud!
Even Jesus Christ to join us
as we congregate!
Sing ye from the depths within--
let that sweet song not wait!

What a meeting beautiful
with those we never knew!
All that behind now as, in Christ,
we're relatives anew!
Let such results be known but every
time we come to meet
in every state, in every town,
and, yes, on every street!

Oh, would that not be miraculous if such could be a DAILY reality?!  We know it here and there for maybe a few times each week, but we can come together and know each other on a constant basis...IF we are willing to!

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