Saturday, January 19, 2019

From the window...

As creation is scanned on this glorious day, we behold yet another of His glorious blessings!  Some would curse it, but the truth remains: it is a blessing!

The living view is filtered now
by many drops of rain.
Does that make the gray creation
to appear as 'plain?'
NEVER!  God Most High has put
some evergreens in place
amidst the ones awaiting Spring--
His new life for to grace!

So welcome be the living drops,
(and necessary so!)
Falling from the hand of God--
more of life to know!
Life so so vast...
life, always anew!
Even in the glory of
the falling of the dew!

Refreshing rain.
Necessity of life.  Impossible to understand the where, when, why or how much, but a necessary gift from God!
(As I come to the end of this poem, I see that the falling drops are no longer liquid!  Yes, the snow has begun.  Still so beautiful!!)

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