Friday, January 11, 2019


Once again, with pen in hand, I wait.  The blank page before me will soon be filled with something beautiful.  I am very confident of this!  What is it that He calls you to do?

To glorify the One Who was

and is and e'er will be--
that is the calling of this man,
that is the goal I see!
For He is worthy of our praise,
our time, our adoration;
He is God the Father--there be
no greater relation!

To pen some lines that give Him praise--
once more be my desire.
It is a yearning of my heart,
it is a constant fire!
It even is a calling given
I cannot say when;
oh, but I will keep on writing
for Him until then!

Father God, so beautiful...
Father God, so real!
The many facets of Him would I
seek to yet reveal,
but only as The Spirit leads
and guides this pen in hand;
the ones who serve Him faithfully--
they fully understand!

I'm driven by a desire to continue to write about Him!  About things I haven't even seen...about words I haven't even heard...about a place that no mortal has beheld!  Some say it is a "calling."  What is it that He is longing for you to do?  You can't?!  But if HE is calling you to, He WILL enable you!  Heed to that beautiful voice of His Spirit!


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