Thursday, January 31, 2019

But WHY is it this way?

Have you ever asked that?  Have you ever asked that of God?  I actually had to be taught that it is alright to talk to God that way!  For He loves you so much that and He can handle such questions.  He may not always have the answer you want to hear, but, over time, you will see why...

For in the valley deepest,
the sweetest fruit, it grows!
Somehow, maturity in God
comes from this living's blows!
So often does He prove Himself
when we can't do the same...
just one enigma of the life
that comes when Christ we claim.

For not always are the mountaintops,
(but they are grand indeed!)
but often are the valleys, and
He's there to meet the need.
Each contains a blessing--but
a challenge is, as well;
and not always are the differences
so easy for to tell!
Continue, though, to trust Him,
and never cease to serve!
The Straight and Narrow is not
guaranteed to have no curve!
BUT GOD, He has you in His hand
and He can see the end;
press on, then, knowing He's with you,
and He is your greatest Friend!

Life has its ups and matter who you are.  No matter what it looks like in your eyes, this world treats us all the same.  It doesn't matter WHO you are, it does matter WHOSE you are!
Press on, knowing that Jesus is in your heart and God is in complete control.

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