Tuesday, January 22, 2019

But Who Are We?!

I find myself asking that often.   And, just as often, I hear the voice of His Assurance telling me just Who I am and WHOSE I am...

"You said for me to seek for You,
o Lord, with ALL my heart.
I find You, Lord, even when
I only give a 'part?'
For even when I only read
a chapter or a verse,
You change the path that I have set...
You turn the universe!
But who am I, o God, that You
would even give me time?!
You spread Your arms and,
into Your embrace, allow me climb!
You give me books and chapters and
such verses so alive!
You speak to me with Your own voice,
enabling me to thrive!
Yea, who am I, Almighty God,
to even know Your touch?!
The issues of my past, Lord,
do you not consider such?!
BUT GRACE, abundant grace to carry
me into Your arms
away from constant wickedness,
and this world's many harms!

'But who am I?' I ask no longer,
Lord, as we commune.
I only savor Your sweet Presence,
morning, night and noon!
And then for all eternity
as we are in That Place
that has been built by Your great love,
and provided by Your grace!"

And who are you?  You are also one that He loves and goes to the ends of the earth for!  Yes, you reading this!  Never take His love and His grace for granted!  Not one of us knows when our last breath will be, but we can be ASSURED where the one after that will be!  Seek Jesus Christ!  BE BORN AGAIN!!

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