Saturday, January 12, 2019

Always Available!

Peace.  The peace of God.  His Name is Jesus, and once You ask Him to be your Lord, He will never leave you nor forsake you!

There is peace that is available always.

Regardless of events or even days,
no matter what this world may say or do,
Jesus--He has perfect peace for you!
Yes, even in the times in which we live,
His calming peace will He so freely give;
for He even will accompany
if there is a place that you must be!

Do you have that assurance of such peace?
Live for Jesus and it will release!
From every toil and trial of the day,
He is the Truth, the life, He is The Way!
And His peace--it surpasses any other!
His assurance--there is not another!
Know Him and the love He has for you;
for there is not another Peace as true!

The Prince of Peace--for Jesus is the same!
He alone can make that precious claim!
God Most High to give His life to all;
however, YOU must answer to His Call!

Peace.  Wonderful peace.  Though it may be absent amidst the trial and turmoil of the world about, it can be present at all times Jesus abides in your heart.  Make sure He has that dwelling place inside as Lord of your life!

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