Friday, January 18, 2019


Morning.  First thing.  Look to the east...

Already is the warm glow of
the sun upon the rise...
already are the signatures
of airplanes in the skies...
already be the Lord beside me
watching life anew;
everything about this day,
so long ago, He knew!

So glorious to watch His hand
that never comes to rest!
He sees that we are healthy and
He sees that we are blessed;
He sees that we are close to Him
and never lets us go
even as I watch the phases
of the sunrise glow!

Father God--Loving Father,
on His throne already
taking care of them that love him--
(even those unsteady!)
Praise His holy Name as He
is everywhere always
loving each and every person
in such countless ways!

Is God the first thing on your heart as you rise in the morning?  He should be!  He made this day and even sees everything that you will face--and He avails Himself constantly to us in every situation!  Never neglect His wondrous Presence as you go about YOUR day!

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