Sunday, January 20, 2019


So much going on.  So many things happening that 'matter.'  Some things are quite well-known and seen all over the world, while other things are seen only by the eyes of God.  Whatever is going on, one day, there is only ONE THING that will matter...

All hail the One Who is The King,
He is the Son of God!
Jesus Christ--our Lord and Savior--
all life to applaud!
Every knee will bow to him,
and every tongue confess;
those who do so now will He,
abundantly, so bless!

All hail to Jesus Christ alone--
there is no other Name!
His glory and His majesty
creation to proclaim!
O join it in that living song
that shall not ever end!
O join it and call out to Him--
for He will call you "friend!"

So much to happen at a pace
we cannot understand,
yet, with it all, He still has time
to join you, hand-in-hand!
Such to matter greatly in
this life and in the next;
such simplicity yet has
the wisest so perplexed!


Regardless of what is going on in this world, He is still above it all and has your best in mind.  Trust Him!  He can see what you cannot, and His love for you has no peer!  THAT matters most!

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