Sunday, January 13, 2019

A rampant need!

Every day, wherever we are, we hear about or see someone who needs care.  These days, with "social media," folks are not afraid to voice such needs.  I have some Good News, however, and I pray that it will affect you...

He is alert...He is aware;

though some would argue "He doesn't care!"
a purpose is there for all things,
and, to the heart, such truth He brings.
Such is not learned in any class.
Much life in Christ one must amass
to KNOW this truth and live it so;
the same, it causes one to grow!

Yes, He is alert and at all times.
He even see that each line rhymes
when I avail my pen to Him;
the outcome, it is never dim!
He is aware of your life, too.
He sees and knows all that you do;
He sees and knows what will be done;
therefore, His calling, never shun!

Does He not care about you now?
The way you feel, but tell Him how

and He will help you know His ways
and cause your heart to give Him praise!
Yes, He is alert and truly cares,
much more than any mortal shares!
Be honest when you speak His Name--
for then, His comfort, my you claim!

Too often, I hear or overhear someone saying "I really wish some cared about me and what I'm going through."  Being involved with people so much, I hear it quite often.  It is so refreshing to assure them that there IS Someone that does!
Do you have that opportunity?  Is it YOU that needs that assurance?  JESUS CARES!  Trust me!

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