Thursday, January 24, 2019

30 Minutes

30 minutes.
I was just told I only have 30 minutes to get a message out before I must do something.  Do I put this word off until tomorrow, or do I trust God to give me the words that He wants said before my time is up?
But with God, what is time?

"You are greater than the limits that
this life would seek attempt!
From all the factors we must meet,
Lord, You remain exempt!
You are more than time...greater than
the measures that we know!
Still, You speak to my heart words
that cause us all to grow!

You bless with peace that passes all,
no situation knows!
You are even greater than best
of scholarly bestows!
You laugh when we are told that there
is nothing that can be done!
In all of life, You reign supreme,
O God, You are THE ONE!

So what is time when I am told
I only have so much?
It is an opportunity
again for You to touch!
And, faithfully, You come to me
and fill out every line.
O Father, there is none like You,
so holy and divine!"

30 minutes. that enough time to assemble words or verses that may bless someone?  If God so wills it, it is more than enough time!

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