Thursday, January 31, 2019

But WHY is it this way?

Have you ever asked that?  Have you ever asked that of God?  I actually had to be taught that it is alright to talk to God that way!  For He loves you so much that and He can handle such questions.  He may not always have the answer you want to hear, but, over time, you will see why...

For in the valley deepest,
the sweetest fruit, it grows!
Somehow, maturity in God
comes from this living's blows!
So often does He prove Himself
when we can't do the same...
just one enigma of the life
that comes when Christ we claim.

For not always are the mountaintops,
(but they are grand indeed!)
but often are the valleys, and
He's there to meet the need.
Each contains a blessing--but
a challenge is, as well;
and not always are the differences
so easy for to tell!
Continue, though, to trust Him,
and never cease to serve!
The Straight and Narrow is not
guaranteed to have no curve!
BUT GOD, He has you in His hand
and He can see the end;
press on, then, knowing He's with you,
and He is your greatest Friend!

Life has its ups and matter who you are.  No matter what it looks like in your eyes, this world treats us all the same.  It doesn't matter WHO you are, it does matter WHOSE you are!
Press on, knowing that Jesus is in your heart and God is in complete control.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019


A beautiful January day.  Raring to get out and enjoy it, but one thing stops us: the temperature!  (It stops some of us!)  It does not stop, however, God from creating another glorious sight...

Upon the barren branches

the messengers await;
winter yet to have its grip
and, yet, they celebrate!
They sing about the glory of
the sky so very blue...
they sing of their Creator Who
so blesses them with hue!

Upon the barren branches,
(save many evergreen,)
the choruses are ringing out
so blissful and serene!
The temp--it seems to matter not,
(according to their song,)
they sing because they know The One
to Whom they each belong!
And we join them in their verses,
(although behind a glass!)
For praises to Creator God
so easily amass
as we behold the glory of
another winter day,
and savor His provision perfect--
there be no other way!

Yes, it is cold.  VERY cold!  But life goes on, God is still in control, Jesus is still going to return and, like He said in His Word, "This, too, shall pass!"
Blessed be the assurance we have in Jesus!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Just mere words

"Who am I?"
That thought kept going over and over in my heart as I listened to someone the other day tell me how a certain poem I wrote affected them.  Truth is, I don't always "feel" like writing.  So it is this evening.  It has been a rough day, yet here I am, waiting for what He is going to write on the screen in front of me...

Regardless how we feel,

Jesus--He is still real,
and God has all control
of life, of health, of soul!
Even when it hurts to write,
He takes such great delight
and fills in lines for me,
until, message, you see.

He is much greater than the pain;
and NEVER is He "plain!"
He takes my words and lines

and a message He designs!
To some, it makes no sense...
to others, it's life intense...
to some, it's prophecy...
to some, just words to see.
But if you allow Him to,
He'll give these words a view
and you'll see what He will say--
it just may change your way!

Though pain may be inside...
though 'reasoning' may hide,
He's faithful to make clear
with that one that needs to hear!
And so I pen these lines
that God Most High designs
KNOWING that he will speak
unto those hearts that seek!

I pray that You hear what God is trying to say to You in the many ways He uses to do so.  This man is but a conduit, an avenue of His communication.  My skills and talents are nothing until Holy Spirit touches them, ordains them and causes them to reach the hearts of others.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

30 Minutes

30 minutes.
I was just told I only have 30 minutes to get a message out before I must do something.  Do I put this word off until tomorrow, or do I trust God to give me the words that He wants said before my time is up?
But with God, what is time?

"You are greater than the limits that
this life would seek attempt!
From all the factors we must meet,
Lord, You remain exempt!
You are more than time...greater than
the measures that we know!
Still, You speak to my heart words
that cause us all to grow!

You bless with peace that passes all,
no situation knows!
You are even greater than best
of scholarly bestows!
You laugh when we are told that there
is nothing that can be done!
In all of life, You reign supreme,
O God, You are THE ONE!

So what is time when I am told
I only have so much?
It is an opportunity
again for You to touch!
And, faithfully, You come to me
and fill out every line.
O Father, there is none like You,
so holy and divine!"

30 minutes. that enough time to assemble words or verses that may bless someone?  If God so wills it, it is more than enough time!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

But Who Are We?!

I find myself asking that often.   And, just as often, I hear the voice of His Assurance telling me just Who I am and WHOSE I am...

"You said for me to seek for You,
o Lord, with ALL my heart.
I find You, Lord, even when
I only give a 'part?'
For even when I only read
a chapter or a verse,
You change the path that I have set...
You turn the universe!
But who am I, o God, that You
would even give me time?!
You spread Your arms and,
into Your embrace, allow me climb!
You give me books and chapters and
such verses so alive!
You speak to me with Your own voice,
enabling me to thrive!
Yea, who am I, Almighty God,
to even know Your touch?!
The issues of my past, Lord,
do you not consider such?!
BUT GRACE, abundant grace to carry
me into Your arms
away from constant wickedness,
and this world's many harms!

'But who am I?' I ask no longer,
Lord, as we commune.
I only savor Your sweet Presence,
morning, night and noon!
And then for all eternity
as we are in That Place
that has been built by Your great love,
and provided by Your grace!"

And who are you?  You are also one that He loves and goes to the ends of the earth for!  Yes, you reading this!  Never take His love and His grace for granted!  Not one of us knows when our last breath will be, but we can be ASSURED where the one after that will be!  Seek Jesus Christ!  BE BORN AGAIN!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

No matter where!

Standing at a pulpit before thousands of people.
Declaring faith before them and reassuring them of The Way.  Such be an imposing calling, true.  But what about when there is no one else around?  Is that calling to glorify Him any less significant...

Alone again, before the Lord,
before His mighty throne;
with His life inside the heart,
not ever is "alone!"
And with His attributes and Presence
all about to weigh,
His worship and his adoration
flow with naught to stay!

Worthy is His Majesty
of glory and all laud
even with no one around
to join you and applaud!
For God is with you--and He is
the object of all praise!
Oh find that place of adoration
in ALL of your days!

"JESUS--Blessed be Your Name,
it is above all names!
The very deepest of the heart,
Your majesty, proclaims!
For there is none like You, Lord, no--
for there is not another!
I lift You up on high, for You
are closer than a brother!"

How priceless be that personal time with God.  Yes, we do NEED fellowship one with another, but the greater need of a healthy heart and soul be that one-on-one time with God in prayer, in fellowship, in life itself.
Find that time for Him in your own life.  You will be so glad you did!

Sunday, January 20, 2019


So much going on.  So many things happening that 'matter.'  Some things are quite well-known and seen all over the world, while other things are seen only by the eyes of God.  Whatever is going on, one day, there is only ONE THING that will matter...

All hail the One Who is The King,
He is the Son of God!
Jesus Christ--our Lord and Savior--
all life to applaud!
Every knee will bow to him,
and every tongue confess;
those who do so now will He,
abundantly, so bless!

All hail to Jesus Christ alone--
there is no other Name!
His glory and His majesty
creation to proclaim!
O join it in that living song
that shall not ever end!
O join it and call out to Him--
for He will call you "friend!"

So much to happen at a pace
we cannot understand,
yet, with it all, He still has time
to join you, hand-in-hand!
Such to matter greatly in
this life and in the next;
such simplicity yet has
the wisest so perplexed!


Regardless of what is going on in this world, He is still above it all and has your best in mind.  Trust Him!  He can see what you cannot, and His love for you has no peer!  THAT matters most!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

From the window...

As creation is scanned on this glorious day, we behold yet another of His glorious blessings!  Some would curse it, but the truth remains: it is a blessing!

The living view is filtered now
by many drops of rain.
Does that make the gray creation
to appear as 'plain?'
NEVER!  God Most High has put
some evergreens in place
amidst the ones awaiting Spring--
His new life for to grace!

So welcome be the living drops,
(and necessary so!)
Falling from the hand of God--
more of life to know!
Life so so vast...
life, always anew!
Even in the glory of
the falling of the dew!

Refreshing rain.
Necessity of life.  Impossible to understand the where, when, why or how much, but a necessary gift from God!
(As I come to the end of this poem, I see that the falling drops are no longer liquid!  Yes, the snow has begun.  Still so beautiful!!)

Friday, January 18, 2019


Morning.  First thing.  Look to the east...

Already is the warm glow of
the sun upon the rise...
already are the signatures
of airplanes in the skies...
already be the Lord beside me
watching life anew;
everything about this day,
so long ago, He knew!

So glorious to watch His hand
that never comes to rest!
He sees that we are healthy and
He sees that we are blessed;
He sees that we are close to Him
and never lets us go
even as I watch the phases
of the sunrise glow!

Father God--Loving Father,
on His throne already
taking care of them that love him--
(even those unsteady!)
Praise His holy Name as He
is everywhere always
loving each and every person
in such countless ways!

Is God the first thing on your heart as you rise in the morning?  He should be!  He made this day and even sees everything that you will face--and He avails Himself constantly to us in every situation!  Never neglect His wondrous Presence as you go about YOUR day!

Thursday, January 17, 2019


The voice of God is real.
The Presence of God is real.
The hand of God is real.
The leading of God is real.

"You have the very universes

perfectly designed...
You have each moment of each life
perfectly assigned...
You have what's best for each of us,
and ready to be shared--
will we submit our will to You
that we can be prepared?
All we must do is call upon You,
asking what is next.
To some, the fact You have a Plan
has got them quite perplexed!
All we must do is follow as
You lead us through each day
recognizing You're the Life,
the Truth, the only Way!"

Yes, GOD IS REAL.  We know that to be true.  Question is, will you listen, heed and do what He is calling you to do?  Yes, he has a purpose for each of us!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Were you there?

Once again, a thousand things to get accomplished today.  Looking back, was there time allowed for those "Divine Appointments?"

"You came to me for a purpose--

did I make for you the time?
If I won't hear what you have to say
I've committed a great crime!
I know you have something on your heart
and no one else may care,
but I must listen as a calling
to the words that you must bare."

No one is immune from when
one must unload their heart.
As servants of the Most High God
we must allow them start.
That makes us not a "dumping ground"
for all that comes along,
it makes us but His avenue
to help them find their song.

So be there for HIS purpose!
Avail to Him your heart.
The gift of His encouragement
to you will He impart
that YOU may be that avenue
that leads them to the Lord!
It starts with but an ear that listens
and has time to afford.

The busier the days get...the "hurrieder" this world gets...the more involved people get into themselves, the less time they have for one another.  BUT GOD has called us to a higher purpose, and His pace of life is far and above what this world's is!  Are YOU there for Him?

Monday, January 14, 2019

Value and worth

Those are two things that a lot of people struggle with.  Perhaps even you do.  You can know with certainty your worth to God the Father, and freely share it with others.  It is found in Jesus Christ alone!

The value of a single person--
who could know such worth?
With as many past and present
here upon this earth,
it is so very simple to
lose sight of such a gem;
but all will come to focus just
by touching but His hem!

The value of a single person-
is the very same
in the eyes of Father God,
praise His holy Name!
Value each and every one
that you have in your life;
for each of them, they need to know
His blessings, o so rife!

The value of a person--some
will look to YOU for such.
At that moment, will they feel 
a loving Father's touch?
It is our duty and our calling
to instill the same
into the life of every life
in JESUS' holy Name!

No matter who you are or where you are, there are folks about you that wonder about their worth.  God has made certain to you your worth by sending His Son Jesus.  Why not share that certainty with them?  They are starving for it!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A rampant need!

Every day, wherever we are, we hear about or see someone who needs care.  These days, with "social media," folks are not afraid to voice such needs.  I have some Good News, however, and I pray that it will affect you...

He is alert...He is aware;

though some would argue "He doesn't care!"
a purpose is there for all things,
and, to the heart, such truth He brings.
Such is not learned in any class.
Much life in Christ one must amass
to KNOW this truth and live it so;
the same, it causes one to grow!

Yes, He is alert and at all times.
He even see that each line rhymes
when I avail my pen to Him;
the outcome, it is never dim!
He is aware of your life, too.
He sees and knows all that you do;
He sees and knows what will be done;
therefore, His calling, never shun!

Does He not care about you now?
The way you feel, but tell Him how

and He will help you know His ways
and cause your heart to give Him praise!
Yes, He is alert and truly cares,
much more than any mortal shares!
Be honest when you speak His Name--
for then, His comfort, my you claim!

Too often, I hear or overhear someone saying "I really wish some cared about me and what I'm going through."  Being involved with people so much, I hear it quite often.  It is so refreshing to assure them that there IS Someone that does!
Do you have that opportunity?  Is it YOU that needs that assurance?  JESUS CARES!  Trust me!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Always Available!

Peace.  The peace of God.  His Name is Jesus, and once You ask Him to be your Lord, He will never leave you nor forsake you!

There is peace that is available always.

Regardless of events or even days,
no matter what this world may say or do,
Jesus--He has perfect peace for you!
Yes, even in the times in which we live,
His calming peace will He so freely give;
for He even will accompany
if there is a place that you must be!

Do you have that assurance of such peace?
Live for Jesus and it will release!
From every toil and trial of the day,
He is the Truth, the life, He is The Way!
And His peace--it surpasses any other!
His assurance--there is not another!
Know Him and the love He has for you;
for there is not another Peace as true!

The Prince of Peace--for Jesus is the same!
He alone can make that precious claim!
God Most High to give His life to all;
however, YOU must answer to His Call!

Peace.  Wonderful peace.  Though it may be absent amidst the trial and turmoil of the world about, it can be present at all times Jesus abides in your heart.  Make sure He has that dwelling place inside as Lord of your life!

Friday, January 11, 2019


Once again, with pen in hand, I wait.  The blank page before me will soon be filled with something beautiful.  I am very confident of this!  What is it that He calls you to do?

To glorify the One Who was

and is and e'er will be--
that is the calling of this man,
that is the goal I see!
For He is worthy of our praise,
our time, our adoration;
He is God the Father--there be
no greater relation!

To pen some lines that give Him praise--
once more be my desire.
It is a yearning of my heart,
it is a constant fire!
It even is a calling given
I cannot say when;
oh, but I will keep on writing
for Him until then!

Father God, so beautiful...
Father God, so real!
The many facets of Him would I
seek to yet reveal,
but only as The Spirit leads
and guides this pen in hand;
the ones who serve Him faithfully--
they fully understand!

I'm driven by a desire to continue to write about Him!  About things I haven't even seen...about words I haven't even heard...about a place that no mortal has beheld!  Some say it is a "calling."  What is it that He is longing for you to do?  You can't?!  But if HE is calling you to, He WILL enable you!  Heed to that beautiful voice of His Spirit!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Time is short!

Yes, I know, we've been hearing that for years.  But God's time is far greater than we can fathom, and He always keeps His word!  Are YOU ready?

"The time is fast approaching..."
Oh, but celebrate Him now!
Any moment of the day
affirm to Him your vow!
We celebrate his birth because
He's worthy of it all;
He celebrates our lives by yet
availing His great Call!

Respond ye to that call, I say,
for it is life alive!
O house Him deep inside Your heart
and, surely, you'll arrive!
But such assurance is one only
facet of His grace!
He will also give you life
here in this dying place!

Yes, the time is fast approaching
at a rate one cannot know!
Jesus in your heart and life--
He'll bless you and you'll grow!
Serve Him as a Friend and Savior,
form that sacred bond,
and, quickly, of Him and His ways,
you'll grow so very fond!

Jesus Christ is coming again.  Quickly!  No man knows the exact hour, but you can be CERTAIN that He will change your life for the better if you give to Him your heart!  BE BORN AGAIN!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

God's House

In the middle of a very large city, about 450 miles from home, in a large building filled with very few familiar faces.  However, One Person causes us to come together...

What a beautiful place to be-

the Presence of The Lord!
How lofty be that golden song
His Spirit to afford!
It draws together o so many--
differences aside--
and fellowship has taken place
here in the eventide!

So many, unknown to each other,
(but well-known unto God)
gathered here to glorify Him,
oh, His grace to laud!
Even Jesus Christ to join us
as we congregate!
Sing ye from the depths within--
let that sweet song not wait!

What a meeting beautiful
with those we never knew!
All that behind now as, in Christ,
we're relatives anew!
Let such results be known but every
time we come to meet
in every state, in every town,
and, yes, on every street!

Oh, would that not be miraculous if such could be a DAILY reality?!  We know it here and there for maybe a few times each week, but we can come together and know each other on a constant basis...IF we are willing to!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

The sting of Honesty

So often, too often, in our world today so many avoid honesty to spare feelings, reactions or results.  Have you noticed that, not only is Honesty is required by God, it is often painful!  What do we do...

Honesty is painful--do I

spare them of the pain?
Sometimes, the very same is brutal;
what then to be the gain?
A fine line to determine between
choice that comes with truth:
reflect upon the elderly...
reflect upon the youth.

Much wisdom and discretion needed,
maturity also;
and His Spirit's guidance that
we know which way to go!
One may not be mature enough
for what I tell another;
so necessary then be Him
Who's closer than a brother!
And God--the most wise of them all
will guide the heart and tongue
when conversation happens, so that
nobody be stung!
If we cede every thought and word
unto His perfect guiding,
He'll see that no uncalled for pain,
in word or deed, be hiding.

We are all involved in this marvelous thing called "Life" everyday.  Too, we are all involved in relationships.  Let us pray and be constantly open to Holy Spirit so that we can freely converse with each other without any damage.  Pain WILL happen sometimes, but it does not have to be permanent or fatal.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

That precious voice!

God is so good to us!  He puts special people into our lives who use their own lives and time for His purposes.  They are wonderful to have, and so wonderful to hear from...

The ringing of the telephone...
the hearing of a voice--
with one so very close to heart
it's reason to rejoice!
So very soothing be the sound,
so healing be the same;
it raises gratitude to God
that, into your life, they came!

Each of us have those we love
to hear from every day;
though life itself to often cause us
to be far away,
technology has ways to make
that distance disappear--
making ways for us to be
together, o so near!

So very grateful for the hearts
desiring our own!
Thanks be to God that wonderful
relationships are grown!
We must have vulnerability
for the same to be;
such is what our Father God
has meant for such as we!

If you have those kind of folks in your life, pray for them!  Thank God for them daily and KNOW how blessed you really are!

Friday, January 4, 2019

That Grateful Song!

The day came and went.  Including an event that we knew would be quite challenging.  BUT GOD, He had already met the need and was right by our side every moment escorting us!

A song be yet again to rise,
that song from deep inside;
a melody so known to them
with Jesus at their side!
A song of His provision in
but every situation;
again to rise?  But CONSTANT unto
them that have relation!
He gives, no matter what we need,
He gives, and so complete;
and the time, it matters not,
His bounty is replete!
And even when the words may lack
for what our need may be,
He is Omniscient, there is nothing
that He cannot see!
I sing that song aloud to Him
so that all hearts may know
and realize, for ANYTHING,
unto God they may go!
Have you a need that's churning deep
and cannot talk about?
Just call on Jesus, my good friend

and, freely, let it out!

Don't let ANYTHING hold you back when asking the Lord for something.  Nothing is too big for Him.  Nothing is too small for Him.  And nothing is "insignificant" in His eyes.  He WILL listen and provide!  Jesus is so faithful!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

One Day Closer...

A few words a few days late.  But the truth of the words are beyond time itself!

One day closer to that day
anticipated so!
The shops and stores enjoy it and
so hate to see it go!
But those most fortunate--they know
that day--it never ends!
The same ones Jesus looks at saying
"You--you are my friends!"

Friends are them that celebrate Him

all throughout the year!
They speak to Him and, when they speak
they tune to Him the ear;
but, greater so, they carry out
the words that they have heard;
and, in the lives of those so faithful,
victory is occurred!

One day closer to that day
that is sought near and far;
but them that know Him--even now,
victorious they are!
They know His birth is celebration
all creation-wide!
They know His birth--it is the greatest
thing to have inside!!

Jesus' birth inside a willing heart.  There be no greater joy in this life!  Are YOU born again?  Is Jesus alive inside of you?  Let Him live Himself THROUGH you that the whole world may know His joy!