Sunday, October 13, 2019

"Oh, they're only words..."

So has become the attitude of the world of late.  Unfortunately, it be found even amongst them that claim to be God's people...

Why has it become so convenient to say
what people WANT to hear?
The ease at which 'untruth' is spoken
no longer strikes any fear!
BUT GOD, He still requires the same
when our mouths open up;
and 'grace' is not escape from 'truth'
with Him with Whom we sup!

Every word proceeding from us

will be weighed some day,
and we will give to Him account
of EVERY word we say!
Does that deter us yet at all
in a world that craves 'success?'
For there is but ONE language that
will cause our Lord to bless!
And TRUTH--it is not popular,
but it's required of us;
even when it may hurt someone
or cause best of friends to fuss!
We see the same at every level
and within every class;
WE must DECIDE to speak the truth
in spite of what might amass!

And if we belong Him, Holy Spirit is right there to check our hearts and remind us of our words.  Be a person of integrity.  Guard your lips, speak truth, and stand behind your words!


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Another Waiting Room

One more day in this temporary life.  One more place hoping, praying that an answer will be found to this.  However, we DO have assurances!

In an office, waiting for 
what some day soon will be no more!
For soon we'll be completely whole,
says Him Who heals and saves the soul!
For now, though, as long as life decays,
these bodies--they all have their ways;
BUT GOD--He has a life and place
where perfection be combined with grace,
and we will live forevermore
with Him upon that golden Shore!
No more sicknesses, no more disease,
just Paradise with Him at ease,
being that which HE has planned--
what we do not yet understand!
For now, though, as we tarry so,
we have assurance He does know
the what, the where, the how, the why;
and He gives us peace to satisfy!

In a doctor's office far away from home.  Waiting.  Knowing, HOPING that an answer will be found...for the moment.  Ahhh, but we have HIS precious assurance to which we cling that Jesus is aware of it all...and it is TEMPORARY.  God is eternal, what He has is eternal, and He does not want any of us to lose sight of matter how much it may hurt!


Friday, October 11, 2019

The Sights of Season

Rising early.  An appointment several hours away.  The Lord sees to it, however, that those miles are never boring and ALWAYS beautiful!

The river--it is cloaked by water

of another type.
The same ablaze with autumn glory,
now so very ripe!
Meandering through hills and valleys
as it goes its way...
Creator God alive so early
doing life HIS way!

None to argue with Him in

the silence of the sight--
only to enjoy His handiwork
with great delight!
The quill to even slow to savor
trademarks of the time;
vocabulary to exist, though:
rhythm into rhyme!

"Thank You once again for making

autumn glory, Lord!
For o so long the poet has,
Your handiwork, adored!
And You NEVER fail providing
source of inspiration,
like the sights of season being
without hesitation!"

The drive ahead is lengthy, but God makes sure His signature is rife along the route ahead.  Are there signs of the season where you are?  Don't forget to glorify the one Who created those!


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Jesus so Real!

Not necessarily "Jesus surreal."
Going along with my day...getting done the 'everyday...' when, out of the blue, I turn and see

With nothing that can be explained

The Lord comes to my side.
The emotions and the feelings
are intensified!
I hadn't even called His Name
as, onward, I endured,
yet here He is, right with me now,
and saying "Rest assured!"
It is no special situation,
that I'm going through...
and circumstances that abound,
for they are nothing new...
yet here is Jesus, BEING with me
in all things that are;
blessed reassurance that
He NEVER is afar!

No matter what you're going through,

no matter who you are,
The Lord wants You to know He's with you,
with or without life ajar!
He never gives up on his own,
He is aware of all!
Hold tightly to the sweet assurance
of His holy call!

Jesus Christ is so REAL.  He lives in ways that we understand, ways that are REAL.  Never, though, consider Him to be 'the norm' or take Him for granted!  For you and I all know that He is greater than that and deserves more than that.  However, so many I have met lately have considered him to be 'untouchable' or too great for them to have, but that is not my God at all!  Yes, He is Omnipotent and Almighty, but He is also appropriate, available and present.  Enjoy Him at all times!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Where is Beauty?

It's right before my eyes as I stand before the vast valley and soaring mountain range!  But is THAT the only place it can be found...

As the panorama thrills the willing vision,
adoration rises to The King!
Sights that so defy vocabulary
o but daily does Creator God so bring!
But the beauty that is written on the landscape,
the same, for it is written so in lives!
The glory and the majesty we're seeking,
sometimes, inside of people it arrives!
However, it takes effort oft to find it;
other times, it's right before your eyes!
The heart that knows such beauty is availed,
it is THAT heart that will surely realize!

Yes, there is beauty in the people all about us.

And we must understand God puts it there.
And you don't even have to set out on a journey,
for His touch, it is in sight most everywhere!
People helping people every moment,
(so often, is the same done unawares!)
However, it is all so orchestrated
by a God who loves and gives and greatly cares!

Look for that beauty in the folks you come into contact with each day.  It isn't very difficult to find.  We overlook it too often because we are too busy looking for and expecting something else!  

God is everywhere.  His Presence is everywhere...even in the people He puts in our path!

Sunday, October 6, 2019


The mere mention of that word conjures visions of desert...wasteland...emptiness.  However, 'desolation' is not always a 'place.'  Sometimes, it is a state of mind or a 'feeling' of the heart.
BUT GOD...but God loves us so much that He makes sure 'desolation' is reserved for landscapes, not lives...regardless what 'feelings' say!

We have a Father Who knows all--
invisible or not;
He even knows the feelings and
emotions that we've got;
He's well aware of loneliness
and emptiness of heart,
thus He has got a bounty and
abundance to impart!
A surplus of acceptance, love,
compassion, care and grace;
and He withholds it from no one
who cries out to His face!
And that which he provides can't be
obtained another place;
it is reserved to them that call Him--
He's right there to embrace!

Have you known that desolation?
Do you know it now?
It's a fa├žade! He's right beside!
His Presence to endow!
He has embrace for even you
no matter what your state!
O give your heart to Him and,
His abundance, celebrate!

Too many are hurting.  Too many are in a pain of loneliness or rejection that feels like no one else understands--a place of desolation.  But God knows that feeling well, and He has the Perfect Healing for it!  Tell Him about it.  Tell anyone about it and let us introduce you to Him Who destroys such desolation!  His name is JESUS!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

His 'Distractions'

In spite of events, in spite of pain, in spite of all those things the enemy may throw at us, God has something beautiful for us. Just look around...

Once more, the tapestry unfolds

with colors and with shades...
It differs so at every hour,
and verbiage it evades!
When the poet captures it,
it changes yet once more!
The glory and the majesty
for vision to adore!

The seasons come and go with splendor

none may duplicate!
One alone, Creator God,
such wonder to create!
He paints at will across the acres
all throughout the day--
leaving the insatiable quill
with endless words to say!

So needed and appreciated

is His touch always.
He transforms and elevates
the lousiest of days!
Just by opening the eyes
of them that will allow.
Escape YOUR day and look around:
His graces to endow!

No matter how the day matter what does or does not happen...God can use His creation to transform it into something with GOOD memories.  Be aware of His touch at all times.  Don't miss His glory!


Friday, October 4, 2019

His last tactics

No matter what we see or hear 'on the news,' GOD WINS!  Until then, however, the enemy will do all he can to convince men otherwise.  Don't fall for it!

There be division rampant;

the same ought not to be.
For He would have a family
complete with apathy!
Addition and subtraction would
HE do amongst His Own;
for in THIS way, He sees to it
His family is grown!

What is it that 'divides' us?

The tools of our great foe!
And vigilant must we become
that such we come to know!
Lest we fall victim to the antics
of the enemy,
steadfast in God's Word but daily
must we ever be!

The end is fast approaching.

The time--for it is near!
We CANNOT panic and fall victim
to any fleeting fear!
For such to be the greatest tool
the enemy will use.
Stand fast.  Fight The Good Fight, yes,
and we will persevere!

The enemy is very hard at work.  BUT GOD has equipped us with tools much greater than the enemy can stand. USE THEM DAILY!  The Bible, Holy Spirit and prayer will see us to victory over ANY adversity!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

I have a Hope!

THE Hope.  His Name is Jesus, and He wants even you...

I have a Hope to which I dearly cling.
He makes the very depths of me to sing!
In spite of situations in this life,
that Hope, He overwhelms all pain and strife!

I have a Hope, and JESUS is His Name!
He is available for ALL to claim!
He knows everything about you anyway,
why not give your heart to Him this day?

That Hope--for God availed unto ALL Him 
knowing that some times would be so dim;
knowing that each one would need a Way
to overcome the life of everyday,
and knowing we could not get There on our own--
that Land eternal there before His throne!
So Jesus came--the One and only Key
to be with God throughout eternity!
And the only One to KNOW each part of life:
the up and down, the grief, the joy, the strife--
He goes through it with us that we may prevail.
I have a Hope, and He WILL NOT ever fail!

Do YOU have that Hope too?  You can!  It is certainly the prayer of this writer that you will invite That Hope into your own heart!  He makes all the difference in this world...and the next!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

"Well...It's a Battle!"

I heard those words from a very strong Christian man years ago, but I never knew their significance until I had matured a little.

Disaster strikes at any time...

tragedies also;
no person is immune from them,
no matter who you know!
For that which happens--it may be
but 'everyday' for some;
yet, unto others, it strikes fear,
and pain becomes the sum.
But God, He is aware of all
and knows the scope complete.
Amidst reports that we receive,
He stays above defeat!
And that same victory does He
avail to one and all.
He sees what is and what will be,
and listens for us to call!
And when we do, He is right there
with everything we need!
A loving Father is He, yes,
and merciful, indeed!

Has there been news that's rocked your world
and you don't understand?
Well, God is right in front of You
and holding out His hand!
His arms, they are just what you need,
His touch completely heals!
Reach our for Him, take hold of Him
and KNOW how true care feels!

Many years ago, I asked my first Sunday School teacher how he was doing.  He replied "Well, it's a battle."  In my young, innocent, immature heart I said to myself "No way.  God's got this!  What's his problem?!"  Now, years away from that, I realize that both of us were right, but I no longer ignore those red-flag words when someone tells them to me, as I have learned what kind of battle he was referring to.  Thanks, Bill.
How are YOU doing today?

Monday, September 30, 2019


Creation's miracles again: Autumn!  God is so good!  None other could paint the bold and the subtle and combine them with the scents of the season...

Noticing the very movement
of His mighty hand!
He slowly waves it with such purpose
out across the land
causing colors that none other
dare to duplicate!
The seasons that His hand provides--
He is so very great!

Almost October, and the leaves
the spectrum are to know
are falling from the trees at pace
so rapid and so slow;
according to the timing set
in order before time;
giving cause for pen and paper
to capture verse and rhyme!
All while life goes on for some
who notice naught at all...
oh, but I know the miracles
of autumn and of fall!

See the wonder of the making
of His very hand
just by looking all around you
at the living land!

It only takes effort on our part to see the proof of Creator God!  Will YOU make that effort as you go about your day?  It's worth it!

Sunday, September 29, 2019


Putting on a front.  People can be masters at it!  Some have reasons.  Others have mere excuses.  There is One Place, however, where no front is necessary.  God knows everything.  Therefore, in His Presence, we can be who we are in all of our pain or imperfections, and He understands completely and continues to love us perfectly!

I may 'look' fine, but some pain can't be seen...
Do you know me well?
I press on through and minister as led;
for God Himself can tell.
His sustenance and touch enable this,
and He rewards;
for when the task is done and it is time
His love affords!
And restoration comes from Him,
His touch is so deep;
His arms and his secure embrace,
they securely keep!
For He knows the pain so completely,
and He understands;
and the perfect love that He provides,
it has no demands!

There is no other love like He possesses;

and, mercifully, with that great love He so blesses!

There are so many around us suffering or going through things they never talk about.  Pressing on.  Some wear it well.  Others do not.  BUT GOD understands it all and His grace suffices!  Be yourself wherever you are...more people care than you may think!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

This necessary moment...

After a very busy week, a sight of such simplicity is so very welcome this afternoon...

As I pull into the driveway from

a very busy day,
a squirrel is waiting on the rail
and casts his eyes this way.
I sit here in the car until
he gets all he's there for;
he then scurries off across the yard
with quite a haul to store!

Across the street there is a tree

more tall than any word;
six feet up, there is a hole
whence come squeals barely heard;
he disappears into that hole
with his bounty new,
and duties of the day and week
so disappear from view!

Entertained by life itself

whene'er the need arise.
It is assured by God, so loving,
and so very wise!
He knows exactly what and when
to entertain this man.
I praise Him ever-constantly
for the wisdom of His plan!

God cares just as much for even YOU!  He knows the days that you go through and, if you allow Him to, He provides the perfect respite from such.
Watch for Him in places so ordinary...yet so amazing!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Celebration Ever!

Yes, that will be the reward of them that have Jesus in their hearts and persevere through the days that are!  Are you one of them?  It won't be an easy road until then, however.

While celebration happens in

the land where I reside,
persecution goes on elsewhere,
from which they can't hide...

While we sit down to dine and 

celebrate with guests and friends,
somebody somewhere looks for food
by rifling through bins...

While I get in in my car and go

unto my steady job,
another tries to meet their needs
deciding who to rob...

This life contains disparities

that differentiate,
oh, but there is a Life beyond where ALL
will only know what's great!
Yes, there is a HEAVEN God has made
and promised to His own--
and YOU are one of them if,
by Jesus' Blood, you're known!
No suffering at all will be 
there in that Perfect place;
only good and perfect things
provided by His Grace!
O be ye one of them today
by giving Him your heart!
Healing, grace and perfect peace,
to you, will He impart!
And you will come to know that wonder
you can share with all!
You only must say "Yes!" to His lead
when he comes to call!

Perfection awaits.  Celebration goes on even now!  It will not be in this life.  That's proven to us on a daily basis!  Oh, but The Promise remains, and His Call is available to EVERYONE!

Don't ignore it!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Here comes His touch again!

Look around.  MAKE the time to notice His handiwork as you tend to your busy schedule.  It won't affect your progress, but it will affect your heart!

"Seasons, once again, begin to show;
so grand and glorious is Autumn Glow!
The beauty of it, Lord, You so arrange,
yet You, Yourself, o Lord, You never change!
Your mercies, they are newer every day;
yet ever shall we trust Your constant way!
You are consistent in a world that's not,
and so fortunate that we, Your love, have got!

No matter what this may say or do,

o God, we KNOW we can depend on You!
And, though so beautiful some changes be,
none can match Your glorious majesty!
You were, You are and ever You shall be;
so proven to us, Lord, so constantly
if we but only open up our eyes--
the wonderment of You to realize!"

Notice God today.  In some areas, He has his paintbrush in hand and his palette is so abundant!  All you have to do is pay attention!

Sunday, September 22, 2019


How very painful that one word can be!  How very desperate one can get when feeling such!  BUT GOD has ASSURED us that we are NEVER alone, regardless what our 'feelings' tell us.

'All by myself---but even in a crowd...'
'the sound of silence rings so very loud!'
'Nobody is around who understands...'
'I grasp for love--but bare I find my hands!'

Those sentences above are blatant lies!
But, for too many, it's a life they realize.
Is there someone in your life who feels the same?
Is that 'somebody' called by your own name?
I know THIS writer has been there before.
So I am certain that, out there, there are more!
My friend, believe me, you are NOT alone!
There is a God Almighty on His throne,
and He is also right there at your side
inviting you to, in HIS love, abide!
He has everything you may be longing for,
Reach out to Him.  Your very heart outpour!
He will fill it with love, and tools to use
so that 'loneliness' no longer may abuse!
He will put people in and around your life
to help you battle the torment and the strife
and cause you to obtain His victory,
but you must let Him in to reign so free!

Loneliness is real.  Loneliness is painful.  'Loneliness' doesn't have to be, however, as Jesus Christ WANTS you and desires to be with you!  Let Him into your heart, my friend.  He will change your entire being!  And let others in, as well.  More people care about than you can ever imagine!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

This Haven!

After the day that I have had, I need this Perfect Place!  Do YOU know where that place is?  It's available for everyone!

"The security of being in Your palm;
the very same induces perfect calm.
In spite of situations or events,
in spite of 'feelings,' Lord, or sentiments,
You change not at all--You are secure,
and You see to it each of us endure!
Assurance--o so precious and so rare,
belongs to them that trust in Your great care!

O Lord, the value of that sweet 'belonging!'

It be a thing for which the world be longing!
It's greater than the symptoms and the pain...
it's greater than wealth that any could obtain...
it's greater far than any man could know,
and only You, such value, can bestow!
And WEALTHY be the ones that You contain!
The rest, Lord, in our prayers do they remain.

O thank You for the shelter of your palm!

For here do I compose another psalm
with Your leading and Your inspiration.
O Lord, You are the Greatest of relation!"

What a wonderful place to be!  The very palm of God's hand!  For here, I be untouchable.  He fills me, heals me and equips me for the next assignment.  Know Jesus Christ so that YOU can have such a haven as well!


Friday, September 20, 2019


Life is busy!  It is filled with things that we have planned...and things that we have no idea are going to happen!  Is it all good?  Of course not!  But with God in your heart, those daily speed-bumps don't jar so much, and He can help you HIS time.

"Oh God, You are involved in all

that goes on in our lives.
Somehow, in such catastrophe,
Your blessing, it arrives;
even in the every-day
in all that we go through,
no matter what the outcome is,
yet so involved are You!
The eyes--for they can't hardly see
how You could be involved,
yet, over time, the issues rising,
they are 'somehow' solved.
Even in relationships
we are joined in each day,
You know the scope of every one
and You can see the way!
Help each of us, oh God, to have
such vision and such hope!
For there are times and instances
when we think we can't cope.
BUT GOD, You have the perfect way
but even at that time--
even when solution makes
no reason or no rhyme!
O help us God!  Cause us to trust
and turn all things to You
that we could see and feel and know
the assurance that You do!"

Got a relationship somewhere in your life that is suffering or troubling?  Got a situation in your day that seems impossible?  God Most High specializes in amazing us by working all those things together for good for them that know Him and trust Him.  Do so, and KEEP PRESSING ON!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Angels all around!

God Most High is so generous and caring, loving each of us so much that He sends His ministering angels to us...most of the time without us even knowing or thinking about it...

Angels are abounding

and all about this life!
Each one is on a mission,
regardless of the strife!
And even as we celebrate
they join us each in song!
His angels are abundant and
they know where they belong!

Angels on assignment--they are
all about this place!
God Most High, provides them out of
His abundant grace.
He KNOWS that we have need of them,
He knows our every need;
and due His wisdom absolute 
we ever shall succeed!

O but focus on Him and His Son
as we press on ahead;
as long as we stay in His Word
we shall be Spirit-led;
and 'success,' it shall become our sum
for each and every day!
For in His grace alone He's placed
those angels on The Way!

Yes, angels abound.  But be ever careful not to focus on them and ignore Jesus and His Word.  He is a 'package deal,' and we must be vigilant and purposeful in our service to Him!


Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Aaaahhh….finally, a day of rest with NOTHING on the schedule, pending or expected.  It's been awhile this time, but I know just what to do...

Another 'salt-and-pepper' day,

the sun goes in and out...
the surface of the sprawling lake,
a wake it is without...
but the colors that are glowing
in the summer heat
so inspire, yet again, 
and make the scene complete!
And Him Who is Creator of
but everything in sight
is walking with the writer and
We're laughing with delight!
He's blest me with a sweet repose,
yet once more from 'the grind,'
that I may catch my breath again,
His perfect peace to find!
The 'situations' yet exist
of which He is aware,
but He provides these blessed times
when there is not a care!

The same does He avail to all
who give to Him their trust.
For there be ample time for cares 
and trials to be discussed;
but there MUST be time at times when we
can set it all aside
and savor precious moments with Him--
our hearts be satisfied!

Sometimes, we must MAKE that time--
consciously deciding
to escape the issues, His
sweet Presence then inviting!
He knows what is, He knows what was,
and He knows what will be!
MAKE that time, therefore, for Him
to share so joyously!

Life is busy.  No matter who or where you are, there is so much to do.  And I know too many folks who find a time like this and scramble to fill it with a list of __________.  However, God has a plan for this time also.  And HIS plan, sometimes, involves doing NOTHING AT ALL so we can catch our breath!  Can YOU handle that?

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Walking with Him Early

It is so important (in this man's life) to start my day in conversation with God.  No matter matter where...He is there listening, speaking and assuring...

Before anything attempts to set the pace;

before any news attempts to hinder grace
I walk with Him.
Before 'perfection' has a chance to change,
the light is not yet over yonder range
but life's not dim!

And in the very early, on

an empty road somewhere,
Jesus Christ my God, He walks,
and we so freely share.
We talk of quite important things...
we talk of naught at all...
at times, there are not any words--
utmost is that I call!
And He comes to me in the early
just to help me start the day,
assuring me that, all day long,
with me He's gonna stay!
And not a thing will happen that
He has not seen before,
as He assures that, this new day,
He has been through before!

Yes, even you can have the same relationship!  He already knows all that your day is going to contain, why not invite Him to guide your every step and enjoy it with you?


Monday, September 16, 2019


 In one accord.  Oh, what power and prosperity does the same produce!  Look back over history and ponder what such accord has accomplished!  The same can still happen...

"One confidence--
what power to produce!
In Church, if we be one accord
what would the same induce?
For there be power in numbers, Lord,
but, more so, power IN YOU!
If we would join in heart, o God,
what would the same endue?
We KNOW that You can do all things,
we KNOW You're in control;
but lest we have one heart, o God,
we cannot be made whole!
ONE HEART--with disagreements, yes,
united, though, in YOU--
the same, for it shall overcome
and see each of us through!

One heart--united by the Blood 

that You have shed for all!
One mission--reaching out to others,
that THEY know The Call!
So be it as we advance
in the days, the days that are;
knowing, Lord, that Your return, 
it cannot be that far!"

So much to do for Him, but knowing not how much time there is to do it.  The same should induce an urgency into them that belong to Him to assure that others have the same opportunity!  It be our calling if we are saved, whoever and wherever we are!  That which we have dwelling in us is the ONLY Hope for the days that are!


Sunday, September 15, 2019


Reassurance is something that each and every one of us need in this life.  But it is also good for us to often do the same when we open up to Him...

"You are God--the ONLY God--

not one be more supreme!
Jesus Christ--for You are Lord,
all other be mere scheme!
You are exalted, You alone;
all things do You create!
The Master over everything--
none other be so great!!
Yet too many in this life attempt
to elevate much less!
We see the pattern throughout time:
they end up in a mess!
BUT GOD, You so continue on
in primacy alone,
and blessed we are, so blessed indeed
that, by You, we are known!

O God, know You're the greatest in
the life of THIS one man!
I recognize and serve You, Father,
and You see that "I can!"
O see to it that Your boldness and
your confidence abound;
and I will see that Your Supremacy,
in heart, is found!"

We are tempted at every hand--by the the enemy...even by well-meaning people.  But we MUST keep Christ most high in our hearts and in our daily lives lest the enemy finds a foothold.  Yes, even in The Church, we must keep our focus on Jesus Christ!


Saturday, September 14, 2019


There is so much happening in this world...and it's not all good!  However, God is also happening constantly in this world and beyond, AND HE IS GOOD!  He also has some wonderful, settled promises...
Wickedness shall NEVER overcome;
evil--it shall NEVER be the sum!
For God is good, and there's no greater power,
regardless what's occurring at the hour!
For attitudes in life, they vary so;
and diversity is every heart to know;
but 'goodness' is instilled before all life
as God existed before any strife!

Press on, and weary not in doing well
even if nobody else can tell,
even when life 'seems' to fall apart,
hear and heed Him dwelling in the heart!
For God--He has not given up on you,
regardless what THIS world attempts to do!
He loves, He trusts, He wants you to believe!
And greatness would He have you to achieve!

Wickedness and evil--not the end.
If you are His, success will be your end!
In spite of that which happens all around,
stand firm in Jesus Christ--you will be sound!
For in this world He is the ONLY Way
to survive and to abound each day!
The enemy may 'appear' to so abound,
but Omnipresent God--He's all around!

HOPE.  Jesus Christ is THE Hope and Assurance in this insecure world.  No matter what you see or hear or feel, Almighty God is aware of ALL and He has already prevailed!  CLING TO THAT!!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The God of...EVERYONE!

God is so good!  He was, He is, and He will be...EVERYTHING!  And He wants to be with and share it with matter who you are!

"No matter how 'smart' we become,

Omniscient God You are!
You are intelligence alone,
and we are yet so far!
The knowledge and the wisdom
anybody may possess,
the same--it is a gift from You--
You generously bless!
So lead us, Father, to use it
to bless You and each other.
I glorify You at all times,
but do I touch my brother?
He sees me raise my hands to You,
but do I give him a hand?
If not, the love I have for You,
how will he understand?

You are so good.  You are so great;
so generous also!
You share Your wisdom with the ones
desiring to know!
And that too great for us to grasp
you take care of as well.
Omniscient God.  All-knowing God--
all persons to compel!

God is not just 'the God of the educated.'  His desire is to have a personal relationship with EVERYONE!  It matters not how smart, wealthy, successful, prosperous or not we are, HE LOVES US THE WAY WE ARE!  No matter what anyone has told you or what you may 'assume,' GOD WANTS YOU!
He loves us enough to love us the way we are, but He loves us TOO MUCH to leave us that way!  Let Him do His perfect work in you.  Trust me.  He has great plans for you!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Another sunny, peaceful, beautful day in America.  However, it has NEVER been without price...

What defines a "hero?"

Where do we find the same?
For there be plenty books and movies
whence some make the claim.
But life--it is reality,
and heroes DO exist;
and as we go from day to day
they are all about our midst:
that one with badge that's running in
when a crime is found...
that one with hat, arriving when
a place seems so unsound...
that 'average neighbor' being there
reaching out his hand...
ANYONE who offers help--
together do we band!
And "hero" be that one rebuilding
normalcy to life
when anything occurs inducing
pain or grief or strife!
Today do we recall so many
with honor and gratitude,
and thanks to God for placing them--
invisibly or viewed!
We honor them with silence...
we honor them with celebration...
for without doing so, we be
a very lesser nation!

Today be a day of solace; today be a day of remembrance; today be a day of honor for all of those who rush(ed) in when disaster strikes.  Make sure this day does not pass in your life without a time of reflection on all the heroes that responded on 9/11, and those who did not live to see 9/12.  God bless each one of them!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


There's that guy again.  Doesn't he care that other people need to park there?!  Doesn't he care what he looks like or how he's dressed for this place?!

"You park your motorcycle

most anywhere you please...
your language and tattoos, they take
away my patrons' ease...
you appear to possess no regard
for anybody's guise...
and, worse than that, I stand and judge you
with my very eyes!
None of us saw you yesterday
as you sat by the road
 changing a tire for that lady--
carrying her load;
very few saw you last week as you
listened to the sermon,
we only choose to look at you
and group you with "the vermin!"

So ride your motorcycle!  Ride it

freely, ride it proud!
And pay no heed to 'attitudes'
of this ignorant crowd!
We do not know the life you have,
we walk not in your shoes;
BUT GOD, He knows your giant heart
and, in Him, you can't lose!"

That same guy that flew past you on the road today with his hair flying in the breeze is the same guy that sits behind you in service several times a week.  Pay attention, and guard your heart from judging!  You don't always know who's been through what, and you surely don't know the many ways God uses whom He wants.


Monday, September 9, 2019

Life Unscripted

Ahh...a brand new day.  So many many many expectations.  But are they always realistic?  And whose plans are they, anyway?

"Though life may drive me into places
I don't want to be...
though I may face some tasks or duties
foreign unto me...
though I be scorned and ridiculed,
oh Father, for the same,
Your Spirit is there to minister,
and glory finds Your Name!

I may not have got done today

what I set out to do,
but what I did exceeded and
brought praise, lord, unto You!
Success I know obeying You
and THAT not of this world;
such is not always 'wealth and fame'
but 'accomplishment' unfurled!

Yea, life--it did not go quite like
I saw when I arose,
but I see You were there, in Person,
as day comes to a close;
and the world is a better place
because of what YOU'VE done
through such as we as we obeyed
the leading of Your Son!"

Yes, keep those plans and dreams.  LIVE ON PURPOSE.  But remember that You are merely a willing tool in God's hand, and He has plans that are far greater than we can understand!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

God So Loves!

Yes, God so loves us ever-constantly!  We are so fortunate and blessed to have such love, AND to be able to give it away...KNOWING it is an endless fount!

"For God so loves..." there be no limit

to His adoration!
His love depends not on a stance
or denomination!
His love transcends all classes,
limitations, even time!
No title I may hold shall sway,
regardless of the climb!

"For God so loves..." Yes, even YOU

are in His loving care!
For there are things He asks of us
but love WILL NOT despair!
Even if I shun Him, running
fast the other way,
His love--it will be waiting there
receiving come-what-may.

"For God so loves..." in patience as
we press toward The Goal,
applying His Word as we go--
so nourishing the soul!
And affecting even those
we contact everywhere...
"For God so loves the world He gives..."
so take it and freely share!

Yes, take the love of God that is alive in you in Jesus and share it with all the world!  They are starving for it!  They might reject you?  So what!  They even rejected Him.  But they will still be affected by your sharing!