Friday, December 28, 2018

The Spirit of Giving

I know that we celebrated Jesus' birth just a few days ago, but celebrating HIM will never end! 
Here are a few words He gave me that I forgot to get out...

The rising sun revealing signs
of winter on the land;
life displaying evidences
of His mighty hand!
So many forms of life upon
the branches very old,
not seeming to be bothered by
the fact that it is cold!

Christmas--in the eyesights of
the ones that be aware.
So many are the to them
with hearts that truly care.
You do not have to look too hard,
The Truth, for to behold:
signs and sights so subtle, yes,
and signs and sights so bold!

Enjoy ye every sign of Christmas.
Let go of the stress!
So vast the opportunities
to minister and bless!
Do so as you celebrate
Christ Jesus and His birth--
for such will make the "holidays"
to have much greater worth!

Being where I am for several hours each day, I am able to witness not only the glory of His Creation, the Wonder of the "season," but also the spirit of giving amongst others.  I am very blessed to be able to be face-to-face with hundreds of people each day, and to be involved as THEY give to one another!

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