Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Speed of Life

Life differs for each of us.  If it did not, we would all be robots!  Several constants be there, however, one of them be the pace of our lives.  Is yours too fast?

Living at the speed of life--
do try even attempt?
From the effects of the same
no person be exempt!
One, though, to assist us through
whatever be the day--
His Name is Jesus.  He's the ONLY
Truth, The Life The Way!

Life--it is so various
for each and every one.
Yet we are all the same, we are,
when day, when day is done.
The eyes of God--they see us each
as one, one and the same,
but Jesus is the Equalizer--
IF we bear His Name!

Jesus--He's the One Who helps us
keep the pace of life.
He is aware of every joy,
He knows of every strife;
and He so guides us on The Way,
the straight and narrow way;
living at the speed of life--
there be no better way!

It is an absolute necessity for each of us to slow down sometimes and relax.  But this life doesn't care about that!  That's why it is so necessary to have a relationship with Jesus.  His Lordship and guidance keeps all things in balance!  Ask Him to be Lord of your life today.

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