Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The right balance

So much to do this time of year.  I see it in faces...I see it at my business...I see it at the stores...I see it just watching the road!  But let's be realistic, for once....

Much closer to that Day that is
so holy, so profound;
though scholars disagree, its joy
is yet so clearly found!
Though some would even yet refute
even the Truth of such,
we still enjoy His grace, His wonder,
and His loving touch!

Don't let the debates of the day
rob YOU of His great joy!
But celebrate Him--Jesus Christ--
come as a baby boy!
Come as the fulfillment of
the centuries foretold...
come as Lord and Savior, Healer,
God Himself extolled!

The Day that is the day of Jesus--
celebrate anew!
As you sing the carols, allow Him
to restore YOUR view!
Concentrate on Him and fret not
all that be involved;
make sure your Christmas, (and your each day!) 
around Jesus, is revolved!

Again, the "busyness" of "the season" is here.  Of course, there is a lot to do before December 25th, but let each of us try not to "over-do!"  Too many I know have this problem, and it steals the joy of Jesus right out of them!

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