Saturday, December 29, 2018

That Song Anew!

There is a melody within as we allow Jesus to reside in the heart.  It is a melody that renews itself constantly...if you let it!  The prophet Isaiah new that song.  He wrote of it in chapter 42:10.  Do you have that song?

A new song to the Lord we sing,
anew and every day!
For He is Life--and He provides
along the narrow way!
So wonderful, the melody
His living to provide!
Sing to Him aloud, ye people!
Never leave His side!

A new song shall we sing throughout
the fullness of the land!
From the arid deserts to
the endless ocean sand...
from the deepest valley to
the highest mountain peak--
a song of celebration that is,
unto Him, unique!

Yes, sing to Him a song anew!
For He is worthy of
verses that are from the heart
and melodies of love!
Let that song not ever cease
in this life or beyond!
For Christ is come to save the soul--
of Him, we are so fond!

SING JESUS OUT!!  That's one of the things we are created to do and, as we live in Him and through Him, that Song becomes more and more beautiful!

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