Friday, December 14, 2018

That Perfect Gift

Once again, THAT time of the year.  The cards...the presents...the lists of things to get done.  Let us not lose focus, though, on what is most important!

Jesus come as Savior-
so very much He brings!
Listen to all Heaven as,
so beautifully, it sings!
What is it that you look for, though,
when Christmas time is here?
A different answer have we each,
but some things remain so clear:
There is so much that's needed
that anyone may give.
Even just a gentle word
may help somebody live!
Even just a contact from you
to that straying one
may be the only thing they need
to witness Christ, the Son!

So much shopping, so much spending,

so much stressing out
when celebrating Jesus is
what it should be about!
And that be done so simply if
you only look around...
I'm sure that someone needs a gift
and, in YOU, it be found!

We have so many things to accomplish in our days to make things just right for Christmas Day.  Don't let that list of "things" distract you from the gift you already possess that will change someone's life.  Time.


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