Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day!
So many wonderful memories...so many expectations...so many blessings!  Let us not forget The Truth of it, however:

"Jesus Christ, we celebrate You!
You are worthy, Lord!
For all eternity You have been
glorified, adored!
We join that celebration as
we bless Your holy Name;
We sing out, with thanksgiving, that,
so faithfully, You came!

Lord, Jesus Christ, we celebrate
by gifting one another
knowing that, in You, we're each
a sister or a brother;
Your Blood to bind us all as one
united in such praise!
Your love to cause us glorify
as adorations raise!

Jesus Christ--God's greatest gift
to every one and all!
The fullness for to come to pass
as we obey The Call!
'Thank You, Father, for Your gift:
Your One Begotten Son!
Christmas--realized each day, Lord,
as Your will be done!'"

Is "Christmas" only one day a year in your life?  It can be every day if you ask Him to be the Savior of your soul!  God's greatest Gift--given to such as we!  We are so blessed!

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