Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Meeting the Need

The celebrations go on!  Jesus is THE reason that we celebrate!  We celebrate Him because of Who He is, and we do so by gathering together and giving. 
There are many, unfortunately, whose celebration is merely a façade.  And as many as there are, just as many are their reasons.

Do YOU know someone like that?  Are YOU one of them?

"Lord Jesus, as we ponder You

and Your amazing birth,
we realize, with humility,
the measure of our worth!
You saw us as we were, and yet
You loved us anyhow;
we ask that You direct us to
the ones who need that now.
Too many be the ones that be
ignored this time of year.
The plagues of "Who cares?" and "Alone,"
Lord, they be so severe!
So easy is the front to don
amidst the holidays,
when, truly, the emotions, they
be in a painful haze!
Cause us, Lord, to be all the more
aware of those in need--
those needs that are invisible
that very slowly bleed;
and help us each to reach them with
that genuine embrace
that shows to them, without a doubt,
You are THE God of grace!"

Are you aware?  Are you one of them?  Do you work with them?  Do you live with one?  Again, let us not be going out and PURCHASING something to give just to mask our inability to give what is needed and wanted most. 
The need of Jesus' love and the need for YOUR love is closer than you think, and more needed than ever!  GIVE!


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