Monday, December 31, 2018


Once again, the end of another year.  For some of us, it has been a much different year.  A more challenging year.  A more blessed year.  But one thing has gotten us through it: FAITH!

Faith--and that so living;
believing life alive!
Faith so moving, breathing in them
knowing He'll arrive!
And knowing He is in our every
step along the way
in our favor, on our behalf
unto that final day!

Yes, faith in God, the LIVING God--

in, around and through!
We KNOW He has a purpose for
all things this life may do;
especially that which we cannot,
can't see nor understand--
it is that living faith in Him
on which we firmly stand!

A living faith in God alive--

o may each man possess!
Such guarantees our 'now' and 'then',
such guarantees He'll bless!
God--He knows what we cannot;
no matter, we so cling
to God and God alone and, thus,
continue we to sing!

Beyond 'common sense,' beyond 'expectation,' beyond 'assumption,' beyond trial and tribulation that faith in God abounds!  O be it true that 'from faith to faith' we find ourselves growing more and more in Jesus and His great matter what time of year it is!  After all, He is far greater than mere "time!"


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