Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas without?

So many emotions amass...
But Jesus, He understands every one of them!  And He is right here beside me as I ponder some "things" about Christmas...

Mom and dad won't be here this year
as we celebrate,
but I know they are celebrating
There as they await;
they join my sister, and many others
that have run the race,
celebrating, with their own eyes,
Jesus--Lord of Grace!
And from them I have learned so much
to pass on to my own;
the ones they helped raise, and have children
that are newly grown!
That which God blessed mom and dad with
I now bless my own,
that ceremonies and traditions
may be further known.

No, mom and dad won't be here, but
they'll be inside the heart!
The love they taught of Christ and giving
never to depart!
They did not go out of their way--
it was a way of living:
Treating one another well and,

constantly, so giving!

Mom & Dad are not gone.  For I know I will see them again.  And I also know that the "giving" that is alive in me is due to the giving that I saw them do throughout my life...even when it hurt...even to total strangers!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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