Wednesday, December 19, 2018


'Tis the season.  So many people going out of their way to do what we should be doing on a constant basis!  CELEBRATE!

Celebration--let it happen!
Let your praise begin!
It is already happening
where time--it has no "When?"
Christ the Lord be lauded, even

now in that Great Place!
And we have invitation there
due wondrous, saving grace!

We see Him in a manger here--

so humble, calm and meek...
we see Him, knowing yet the wisest
yet continue seek...
we see Him as He walks with us
each step along The Way...
we see Him, knowing that He will
go through each earthly day.
Too, we see Him glorified
and ruling e'er eterne!
His love and grace and passion for us
each day may we learn!

Celebrate ye, even YOU,

Jesus Christ the Lord!
He is the holy, righteous, true,
He is The One adored!
There in the manger for a moment,
then upon the throne!
Enthrone Him in your own heart and
He WILL become your own!

Jesus.  Wonderful Jesus!  So much a part of life.  A "part" of life?  Oh, but even life itself, in this world and the next...indeed, for all eternity!

Give Him your heart today.  He can make of Your life a whole lot more than you ever can!  Trust Him!

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