Friday, December 21, 2018

Can I come in?

Here we are, comfortable in our church service, knowing what to expect as far as God showing up.  But what if someone else shows up...

Can I come in to celebrate?

I don't have proper shoes.
I want to worship but, for my feet,
I don't have much to choose...

Can I come In to celebrate?
I know I smell this way.

I'll worship in that corner, out of
everybody's way...

Can I come in to celebrate?

Why yes, I have a past;
but look INSIDE me--far beyond
the scars that have amassed!

"Can I come in to celebrate?

I know what it's about.
I also know the ones who are
and who are not without.
I am not here because it's Christmas
or that it's Sunday;
I'm here that you may truly know
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

There are so many people in and around our lives that are going through "life" too.  May our hearts be bigger than our attitudes as we celebrate Jesus TOGETHER!


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