Monday, December 31, 2018


Once again, the end of another year.  For some of us, it has been a much different year.  A more challenging year.  A more blessed year.  But one thing has gotten us through it: FAITH!

Faith--and that so living;
believing life alive!
Faith so moving, breathing in them
knowing He'll arrive!
And knowing He is in our every
step along the way
in our favor, on our behalf
unto that final day!

Yes, faith in God, the LIVING God--

in, around and through!
We KNOW He has a purpose for
all things this life may do;
especially that which we cannot,
can't see nor understand--
it is that living faith in Him
on which we firmly stand!

A living faith in God alive--

o may each man possess!
Such guarantees our 'now' and 'then',
such guarantees He'll bless!
God--He knows what we cannot;
no matter, we so cling
to God and God alone and, thus,
continue we to sing!

Beyond 'common sense,' beyond 'expectation,' beyond 'assumption,' beyond trial and tribulation that faith in God abounds!  O be it true that 'from faith to faith' we find ourselves growing more and more in Jesus and His great matter what time of year it is!  After all, He is far greater than mere "time!"


Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Speed of Life

Life differs for each of us.  If it did not, we would all be robots!  Several constants be there, however, one of them be the pace of our lives.  Is yours too fast?

Living at the speed of life--
do try even attempt?
From the effects of the same
no person be exempt!
One, though, to assist us through
whatever be the day--
His Name is Jesus.  He's the ONLY
Truth, The Life The Way!

Life--it is so various
for each and every one.
Yet we are all the same, we are,
when day, when day is done.
The eyes of God--they see us each
as one, one and the same,
but Jesus is the Equalizer--
IF we bear His Name!

Jesus--He's the One Who helps us
keep the pace of life.
He is aware of every joy,
He knows of every strife;
and He so guides us on The Way,
the straight and narrow way;
living at the speed of life--
there be no better way!

It is an absolute necessity for each of us to slow down sometimes and relax.  But this life doesn't care about that!  That's why it is so necessary to have a relationship with Jesus.  His Lordship and guidance keeps all things in balance!  Ask Him to be Lord of your life today.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

That Song Anew!

There is a melody within as we allow Jesus to reside in the heart.  It is a melody that renews itself constantly...if you let it!  The prophet Isaiah new that song.  He wrote of it in chapter 42:10.  Do you have that song?

A new song to the Lord we sing,
anew and every day!
For He is Life--and He provides
along the narrow way!
So wonderful, the melody
His living to provide!
Sing to Him aloud, ye people!
Never leave His side!

A new song shall we sing throughout
the fullness of the land!
From the arid deserts to
the endless ocean sand...
from the deepest valley to
the highest mountain peak--
a song of celebration that is,
unto Him, unique!

Yes, sing to Him a song anew!
For He is worthy of
verses that are from the heart
and melodies of love!
Let that song not ever cease
in this life or beyond!
For Christ is come to save the soul--
of Him, we are so fond!

SING JESUS OUT!!  That's one of the things we are created to do and, as we live in Him and through Him, that Song becomes more and more beautiful!

Friday, December 28, 2018

The Spirit of Giving

I know that we celebrated Jesus' birth just a few days ago, but celebrating HIM will never end! 
Here are a few words He gave me that I forgot to get out...

The rising sun revealing signs
of winter on the land;
life displaying evidences
of His mighty hand!
So many forms of life upon
the branches very old,
not seeming to be bothered by
the fact that it is cold!

Christmas--in the eyesights of
the ones that be aware.
So many are the to them
with hearts that truly care.
You do not have to look too hard,
The Truth, for to behold:
signs and sights so subtle, yes,
and signs and sights so bold!

Enjoy ye every sign of Christmas.
Let go of the stress!
So vast the opportunities
to minister and bless!
Do so as you celebrate
Christ Jesus and His birth--
for such will make the "holidays"
to have much greater worth!

Being where I am for several hours each day, I am able to witness not only the glory of His Creation, the Wonder of the "season," but also the spirit of giving amongst others.  I am very blessed to be able to be face-to-face with hundreds of people each day, and to be involved as THEY give to one another!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day!
So many wonderful many many blessings!  Let us not forget The Truth of it, however:

"Jesus Christ, we celebrate You!
You are worthy, Lord!
For all eternity You have been
glorified, adored!
We join that celebration as
we bless Your holy Name;
We sing out, with thanksgiving, that,
so faithfully, You came!

Lord, Jesus Christ, we celebrate
by gifting one another
knowing that, in You, we're each
a sister or a brother;
Your Blood to bind us all as one
united in such praise!
Your love to cause us glorify
as adorations raise!

Jesus Christ--God's greatest gift
to every one and all!
The fullness for to come to pass
as we obey The Call!
'Thank You, Father, for Your gift:
Your One Begotten Son!
Christmas--realized each day, Lord,
as Your will be done!'"

Is "Christmas" only one day a year in your life?  It can be every day if you ask Him to be the Savior of your soul!  God's greatest Gift--given to such as we!  We are so blessed!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Can I come in?

Here we are, comfortable in our church service, knowing what to expect as far as God showing up.  But what if someone else shows up...

Can I come in to celebrate?

I don't have proper shoes.
I want to worship but, for my feet,
I don't have much to choose...

Can I come In to celebrate?
I know I smell this way.

I'll worship in that corner, out of
everybody's way...

Can I come in to celebrate?

Why yes, I have a past;
but look INSIDE me--far beyond
the scars that have amassed!

"Can I come in to celebrate?

I know what it's about.
I also know the ones who are
and who are not without.
I am not here because it's Christmas
or that it's Sunday;
I'm here that you may truly know
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

There are so many people in and around our lives that are going through "life" too.  May our hearts be bigger than our attitudes as we celebrate Jesus TOGETHER!


Wednesday, December 19, 2018


'Tis the season.  So many people going out of their way to do what we should be doing on a constant basis!  CELEBRATE!

Celebration--let it happen!
Let your praise begin!
It is already happening
where time--it has no "When?"
Christ the Lord be lauded, even

now in that Great Place!
And we have invitation there
due wondrous, saving grace!

We see Him in a manger here--

so humble, calm and meek...
we see Him, knowing yet the wisest
yet continue seek...
we see Him as He walks with us
each step along The Way...
we see Him, knowing that He will
go through each earthly day.
Too, we see Him glorified
and ruling e'er eterne!
His love and grace and passion for us
each day may we learn!

Celebrate ye, even YOU,

Jesus Christ the Lord!
He is the holy, righteous, true,
He is The One adored!
There in the manger for a moment,
then upon the throne!
Enthrone Him in your own heart and
He WILL become your own!

Jesus.  Wonderful Jesus!  So much a part of life.  A "part" of life?  Oh, but even life itself, in this world and the next...indeed, for all eternity!

Give Him your heart today.  He can make of Your life a whole lot more than you ever can!  Trust Him!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Meeting the Need

The celebrations go on!  Jesus is THE reason that we celebrate!  We celebrate Him because of Who He is, and we do so by gathering together and giving. 
There are many, unfortunately, whose celebration is merely a fa├žade.  And as many as there are, just as many are their reasons.

Do YOU know someone like that?  Are YOU one of them?

"Lord Jesus, as we ponder You

and Your amazing birth,
we realize, with humility,
the measure of our worth!
You saw us as we were, and yet
You loved us anyhow;
we ask that You direct us to
the ones who need that now.
Too many be the ones that be
ignored this time of year.
The plagues of "Who cares?" and "Alone,"
Lord, they be so severe!
So easy is the front to don
amidst the holidays,
when, truly, the emotions, they
be in a painful haze!
Cause us, Lord, to be all the more
aware of those in need--
those needs that are invisible
that very slowly bleed;
and help us each to reach them with
that genuine embrace
that shows to them, without a doubt,
You are THE God of grace!"

Are you aware?  Are you one of them?  Do you work with them?  Do you live with one?  Again, let us not be going out and PURCHASING something to give just to mask our inability to give what is needed and wanted most. 
The need of Jesus' love and the need for YOUR love is closer than you think, and more needed than ever!  GIVE!


Monday, December 17, 2018

"For YOUR Glory!"

We are a countless people going a myriad of ways as the day goes on.  In the same, there are countless things that we set out to accomplish.  One constant, however, ties us all into one...

"For Your Glory, life continues

in so many ways!
Songs of celebration are,
and happy are the days
because of Who and What You are--
come to love us, come to save us,
come that LIFE be known!

For Your glory and no other,

Lord, we celebrate
Your goodness and Your greatness as
we live and congregate!
You are inside us as we work
and even as we play;
You are inside us and we share You
all throughout the day!

Christmas.  What a special time

to make sure You are known!
Jesus--what a special God,
as You call us Your Own!
We pray Your glory shine through us
in everything we do;
we pray that, as we live each moment,
more be drawn to You!

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are doing it, do it FOR HIS GLORY and with all of your heart!  Even this Christmas.  For after all is said and done, it is JESUS that will be shining brightly--now and forevermore!


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Songs afresh!

Aaahh...listen to that beautiful sound!  It far surpasses the noise of everything else going on in this life!

Songs anew and songs afresh,

with songs from long ago,
sing we as we celebrate
The Savior--Christ to know!
Jesus--it is Him we sing
our songs, each one, unto;
Jesus Christ, God's Own Son
Whose birthday now is due!

With music that abounds within,

(He is the very Source!)
We sing to Him in celebration
as we run the course
that He designs for each of us
as we give Him our lives;
it is a song we'll yet recite
when, with hosts, He arrives!

Join the song yet even now
and know the joy so real!
Living for Him--it be greater,
though, than merely "feel!"
For it be yet the only way
for to retain your song!
make sure that YOU belong!

There is a song of joy resounding.  In spite of whatever is going on inside of you or anywhere else, that Song never fades! 
Focus on that Song, won't you?  It will surely get you through anything and everything in this life!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Christmas without?

So many emotions amass...
But Jesus, He understands every one of them!  And He is right here beside me as I ponder some "things" about Christmas...

Mom and dad won't be here this year
as we celebrate,
but I know they are celebrating
There as they await;
they join my sister, and many others
that have run the race,
celebrating, with their own eyes,
Jesus--Lord of Grace!
And from them I have learned so much
to pass on to my own;
the ones they helped raise, and have children
that are newly grown!
That which God blessed mom and dad with
I now bless my own,
that ceremonies and traditions
may be further known.

No, mom and dad won't be here, but
they'll be inside the heart!
The love they taught of Christ and giving
never to depart!
They did not go out of their way--
it was a way of living:
Treating one another well and,

constantly, so giving!

Mom & Dad are not gone.  For I know I will see them again.  And I also know that the "giving" that is alive in me is due to the giving that I saw them do throughout my life...even when it hurt...even to total strangers!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Friday, December 14, 2018

That Perfect Gift

Once again, THAT time of the year.  The cards...the presents...the lists of things to get done.  Let us not lose focus, though, on what is most important!

Jesus come as Savior-
so very much He brings!
Listen to all Heaven as,
so beautifully, it sings!
What is it that you look for, though,
when Christmas time is here?
A different answer have we each,
but some things remain so clear:
There is so much that's needed
that anyone may give.
Even just a gentle word
may help somebody live!
Even just a contact from you
to that straying one
may be the only thing they need
to witness Christ, the Son!

So much shopping, so much spending,

so much stressing out
when celebrating Jesus is
what it should be about!
And that be done so simply if
you only look around...
I'm sure that someone needs a gift
and, in YOU, it be found!

We have so many things to accomplish in our days to make things just right for Christmas Day.  Don't let that list of "things" distract you from the gift you already possess that will change someone's life.  Time.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The right balance

So much to do this time of year.  I see it in faces...I see it at my business...I see it at the stores...I see it just watching the road!  But let's be realistic, for once....

Much closer to that Day that is
so holy, so profound;
though scholars disagree, its joy
is yet so clearly found!
Though some would even yet refute
even the Truth of such,
we still enjoy His grace, His wonder,
and His loving touch!

Don't let the debates of the day
rob YOU of His great joy!
But celebrate Him--Jesus Christ--
come as a baby boy!
Come as the fulfillment of
the centuries foretold...
come as Lord and Savior, Healer,
God Himself extolled!

The Day that is the day of Jesus--
celebrate anew!
As you sing the carols, allow Him
to restore YOUR view!
Concentrate on Him and fret not
all that be involved;
make sure your Christmas, (and your each day!) 
around Jesus, is revolved!

Again, the "busyness" of "the season" is here.  Of course, there is a lot to do before December 25th, but let each of us try not to "over-do!"  Too many I know have this problem, and it steals the joy of Jesus right out of them!