Saturday, November 17, 2018

Your Fire!

There is a certain unction inside the heart of them that have responded to God' call.  It so drives His Own to live their faith in such a way that others may desire it too...

"That which burns inside of me
that just won't go away--
for it be praise for You, o God,
and all You have to say!
Your Holy Word, that inner voice,
Your Holy Spirit real
that burn inside this servant's heart--
may never I conceal!!

I know that You have chosen and
You've called us as Your Own.
Be so alive inside that men
are drawn so You be known!
Already have You set apart
the ones that You desire,
now cause us to be drawn together
that ALL may know Your fire!

Yes, we are called to call upon
that one about our lives
to demonstrate your perfect love
so that that one arrives!
We give ourselves unto that calling,
Lord, but every day
that there may be sheer multitudes
upon The Narrow Way!"

"No man lights a fire and puts it under a bushel basket.  Rather, he sets it on a lampstand for all to see."

May the light of Jesus Christ so shine inside of you that it draws others to that saving knowledge of God's love and grace!

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