Thursday, November 15, 2018


Finally, done with the chores of the day.  Now onto the chores at home and rest and relaxation?  Is that all?  What about God?  You may have spent time with Him this morning, but is that all He gets?

Praise and adoration to

the One and only King!
Lift your voices, all ye people,
freely, freely sing!
For He is worthy of all praise
that generates so deep!
Even praise from ALL creation,
be it the slightest peep!
But greater than a peep to be
from him with pen in hand!
For praise--it is inspired as
I scan the open land!
And even in the darkest night
with sight completely gone,
His praise and adoration,
it will yet continue on!

And even in that Place that waits

beyond the days that be,
He will be worshipped and adored
for all eternity!
For He is JESUS--and He is
the very life within!
Glory, praise and honor--
they will ever cease therein!

Turn off the television.  Stop whatever you are doing and make sure that you spend time worshipping JESUS for Who He is!  Not only will it glorify Him, it will uplift you, and it will reap rewards for all eternity!


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