Sunday, November 11, 2018

Whoever you are, THANK YOU!

This weekend and tomorrow, we reflect upon and give thanks to those who have set their own lives aside and gone somewhere so we could continue our lives...

The day before the day that we give honor.
So many be the ones upon my heart!
So varied are the branches of their service,
and each of them has had a different part.
But each of them to be appreciated
in prayer and in the memories that be;
I call out each name unto God my Father--
each day of their service did He oversee.
And He saw fit to see that most came back home.
For that, I thank HIM oh so very much!
Were it not for His grace and His protection,
I would have no idea of their touch.

And thanks and honor to all I cannot mention
because I do not know yet who they be!
If you have served America in service,
we thank you, because we still have liberty!
Each veteran, no matter branch of service--
thank YOU from mine and many other hearts!
We be who we are due God's great mercy,
and the great sacrifices on your parts!

Thank you so much to so many.  I have a list of names going through my heart as I write this, (and I'm sure that you do too!) but I won't list them because I know I will leave too many out!  Just know this: if you are a veteran of the United States military, we are very grateful for you and the sacrifices that you made!

In HIS Service,
Jim Busby

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