Thursday, November 8, 2018

Ugliness once more

The nightly news to inform us of yet another tragedy.  Of course it affects us, but how we handle it and where we go from here is of utmost importance!

Clinging to The Hope that never fails...

savoring the peace that He avails...
though this life, it is erratic so,
The Hope contains great certainties to know!

So it will be until the trumpet blast;
until Jesus comes and, this life, it is passed,
there will be disaster and unease--
let it not stop you, though, from living, please!
Continue to do the good you have within.
Though others may rebel and foster sin,
let it not hinder what you know as "right;"
as each of us must face this daily plight!

Yes, cling to That Hope that's Jesus Christ alone!
Already is established His great throne
and until we are there before His feet
this place will do its best to bring defeat!
But weary not in doing what is right.
For it may be seem to be a fruitless fight,
but God has promised that He will repay!
Stand firm, my brothers, therefore, 'til That Day!

His Word admonishes us not to grow weary in well-doing.  No matter what those around us may do, regardless what may be done to even you, DON'T GIVE UP OR GIVE IN.  For God is aware of it all and still remains our only Hope!

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