Saturday, November 3, 2018

The beautiful and the black!

So describes the vision before me now.  But how can I communicate it...

How to paint the vision with
some letters and some lines?
How many are the subtleties
that verbiage so defines?
So is the quandary of the moment
as the fall transpires;
of a truth, His artistry--this pen,
it so inspires!

Even more aglow with an
imposing thunderstorm
behind the verdant forest 'yond
just now begins to form!
The spectrum set aglow against
the darkest of the sky!
To be witness of such art,
so very blessed am I!

"O thank You, once again, Lord, for
the seasons and their sights!
The pen inside the ready writer's hand
it so excites!
And it causes life be still
for to behold Your majesty,
for just a little while
and You're amazing style!"

The lightning begins.  I hear the thunder.  I know I have a very small window of time to savor this awesome sight before the storm hits.  I leave its verbal "capture," though, in the capable hands of God as He, once again, gives me a message to share!

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