Wednesday, November 7, 2018

That unexpected silence

Ever had those times when you WANT to hear something from God and it seems like He is being silent?  Everyone who belongs to God has had those times.  You are not alone.  And I promise you that you will hear from Him if you just press on!

Where are the words when I am not inspired?
Where are the verses when I'm sore and tired?

I must recall they are not mine anyway,
and Jesus ALWAYS has something to say!
If I can't write, I still can hear His voice;
and looking for Him--that remains my choice!
For even if I have no pen in hand,
He is so evident with me and o'er the land!

Where are the words?  For He contains them all.
And, in HIS time, on my page they will fall!
For He is "inspiration" all the time--
even when there's no rhythm and no rhyme!
My God--He is so faithful every day
to visit this man with precious things to say!
And I see that He has done it yet once more;
and now to see just who these words are for...

Did you need to hear these words today?
Was this something that was written especially for you?
Converse with Him then, and thank Him for speaking to you.  For He does so with me every time I make time for Him.

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