Monday, November 19, 2018

Thankful even now!

Yes, so much to be thankful for!
So very grateful to belong to God and carry a certain 'reputation' in a very busy world that seems to barely slow down to take notice.  Even at work...

In a very busy place once more.

Knowing exactly what I am here for.
Sure, there are employees everywhere;
do they all have the same concern and care?

Integrity is key at ANY place!

I have that job because of God's great grace.
Thus, I must consider Him my "boss,"
lest all that time and labor count for loss!
Too many work and "just put in their time."
The hours pass on someone else's dime.
They do what must be done as they complain...
but when the checks arrive, their care is plain!

And YOU, why do YOU labor at your place?
You have your job too because of grace!

Does that show, though, in the product you produce?
If not, you might as well, then, be cut loose.

The Word of God clearly states that, whatever you do for work, do it with all of your heart.  Give it all you've got!  Even if the paycheck does not reflect the amount you put into it, God will see to it that you are well rewarded...IF you are doing it with the correct motive!

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