Saturday, November 24, 2018

So needed!

Each of us have our own little "circle of friends."  For some, it's a select few members of the church they attend.  For others, it's a select few people that they labor alongside.  For still others, it may be certain family members.
Is that what God intended?

I know the places I should go,
the people I should see;
for there are places and some folks
where you should not find me!
I have the words to say down pat;
I know how I should act;
does Jesus' Presence everywhere
change any of this fact?

I should not be seen at that event,
but that is where I'm needed!
If I avoid that place, is it
His calling that I've heeded?
The folks there need Him just as much
as those folks in the pew!
My absence in a certain "place"
may mean no life anew!

Too often we avoid something
because of Jesus' Name,
when, in all reality, it's
the reason that He came!
Someone may be waiting there
to hear His voice in us!
Ask Him to lead your steps, and worry
not for others' fuss!

Too often, ministry is missed because we are too concerned about "what others may think."  And if you are the one watching where I go to see if I go "somewhere" that you think I shouldn't, shame on you!  I have met more people needing ministry by going to "those" places and truly demonstrating Jesus than I would not have otherwise.
The mission field is not defined by the level of comfort felt by certain individuals, it is defined by heeding the voice of Holy Spirit and OBEYING!
Where did you go today?  Or should I ask "Where did you NOT go?"

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