Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Personal integrity

Watching and waiting.  "Occupying" until that time.  God keeps His Word.  What about our words?  Are they just as good?

"Oh God, You and Your ways are o so real!
You are so much greater than the way we 'feel;'
You base Your love for us on naught but 'grace;'
You never turn when we look into Your face.

God, Your 'reality' is needed so!
This world is starving for Your kind of 'know!'
"Intelligence' abounds at every hand,
but 'wisdom' seems too great to understand!

O center us in You and on Your Word!
Let true empathy, once more, Lord, be occurred!
We cry out, Father, to obtain Your ways
while still there be time and there be yet days!"

In spite of what we see and hear around us and on the news, God is still alive!  Too, He is still willing and able to direct our paths...IF we are willing to submit to Him!  "Submit."  That is a word that a lot of folks have a hard time with.  Are you one of them?

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