Saturday, November 10, 2018


Turn on the up the newspaper...even listen in on the "coffee crew" at your local restaurant.  You won't hear hope or assurance.  But this I know: JESUS CHRIST IS COMING AGAIN!

The visions He provides so we'll press on...

How long will such be until they are gone?
Said visions and assurances exist
because He wants no single soul be missed!
And they are to encourage on The Way.
For paradise here is not every day!
In fact, each day has challenges anew;
thus He provides that blest, exclusive view!

The visions and the vows unto His Own.

For they exist so that hope will be known!
For if we trusted only what we see,
unfortunate and sad be such as we!
BUT GOD, He gives His Word to us each day
to keep us steady on the Narrow Way
KNOWING there is perfect life ahead--
when you arise, is that how you are led?

The promises "we've heard for years" are real!

There IS a Paradise He will reveal
to all who call Him Savior and their Lord!
Perfection--it will finally be restored!
Press on, therefore, my friend, unto that day.
Though plenty in this life would bid us sway,
it is not worth the life He has in store!
Pray "Even so, come quickly..." yet once more!

Soon and very soon Jesus WILL return.  No man knows the day or the hour, even His Word states that.  But, in spite of all that we see and hear, do not grow weary in well-doing, and DO NOT GIVE UP!


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