Tuesday, November 13, 2018

PAINFUL Questions

"Where are You when the pain becomes too great?
You are right here, assuring that You relate;
Where are you when the tears begin to fall?
You stand in front of me and catch them all;
Where are You when they ridicule and scorn?
You stand in front of me and shield each thorn;
Where are You when the ache is intense so?
You guide these words so others, they will know!

Oh Lord, You are right here with me tonight.
It's You Who are enabling me to write!
And I pray that the words that make it on this page
will cause others to call out to You and engage!

I have no need at all to seek You out.
For You hold me inside Your hands without a doubt!
And even though these words may come with pain,
Your Presence--it is very worth the strain!
You've seen me through so many years of life,
and I KNOW You will not part due any strife!
So cause these words to bring somebody hope;
that they may turn to You to help them cope!"

Life.  Just general living...sometimes it hurts!  But that does not change God and His greatness, nor does it change my relationship with Him!  For I KNOW that He will heal and the pain is only temporary.
Do you have such assurance in YOUR daily life?

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