Friday, November 23, 2018

One spark

The Word of God illustrates so vividly the power we have.  One of the most powerful things we have is our ability to communicate.
Do you have reign over your words?

One little, tiny spark--
the damage done by it;
we see the mass of acreage,
for now, become unfit!
The life that it can interrupt,
(or even terminate!)
One little, tiny single spark--
the damage is too great!

The same be done to life itself
with just one single word!
For if the tongue has no control,
what damage be occurred!
Even that one spoken where
nobody else can hear--
the fruits of it may be horrible,
and ever so severe!

For no man may control the tongue;
it take a greater Power!
And such be needed even more
as we approach The Hour!
See to it that you weigh your thoughts
BEFORE words come to be;
for they can have results not even
YOU desire to see!

Words.  They can be used to glorify and encourage, or they can be used to devastate and destroy.  You have the power to decide which words to use.  GOD has given that great responsibility to you.  Use it wisely.


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