Wednesday, November 28, 2018


10 p.m.  The waves are barely visible from this hill as they crash against the shore.  And, over there...

The mountains are majestic as
the moon sets them aglow!
In the absence of the sun
such beauty yet to know!
The same to almost hypnotize
with its eerie view;
the same God to create it all
receiving praise anew!

Beholding, in the silent night,
the moving of His hand;
avoid the wasting precious time
trying to understand;
only take it in--the many
lesser shades of light
that bring to knowledge His creation
everywhere there's sight!

Night.  Dark to many.  Unknown to most.  BUT GOD is even busy now tending to His creation.  And so fortunate are the few that get to behold Him as He does!

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