Tuesday, November 6, 2018

More than 'Politics!'

A lot of activity in this country today.
For some, a lot of anxiety in this country tonight!
For One, however, there is no anxiety at all.  For he was/is/and will be in complete control again tomorrow!

"You see and know the heart of every man.
You are aware of each and every plan.
You saw tomorrow before "time" did exist,
and yet, not one of us have You dismissed!
We trust in You alone, Lord, in all things.
Your care of us--such confidence it brings!
All politics and policies aside,
Your sovereign will shall never be denied!
O thank You for the peace that generates!
Beyond all issues; above, Lord, all debates
is the fact that YOU are in control
and that You are aware of every soul!
O please continue, Lord, Your touch upon this life.
It will encompass ecstacy to strife
but we stand in Your love and upon Your Word
until, that trumpet blast, it has occurred!"

So much stress and strife at this time in this country, (and around the world,) but God remains God and that which He has purposed will not be altered by any mere mortal.

Keep trusting.  Keep pressing on.  God's got this!

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