Sunday, November 18, 2018

More of life to know!

Life.  Living. 
If you are reading this, then you are part of that!  But what else have you to look forward to?  If you are living for Jesus, there is so much more!

Where toil and trial are no longer present,
someday, we will labor evermore!
Until that time, we labor in His Presence
that His love and mercy may be known!
Every day presents another challenge,
another opportunity to bless!
And every day, but constantly, He's with us;
His holy Name must only we confess!

Yes, Jesus is inside and all around us
as we go about the busy day.
He stabilizes us as we press onward,
guiding us along--He is The Way!
Let not the trials of the daily toil
distract us from the goal just there ahead,
nor let them hinder us from words and workings
that may, those around us, truly bless!

No man is exclusive to these trials,
yet each of us have different things to do.
I meet with several hundred people daily--
that doesn't make me any more than you!
Truth is, we ALL are in this life together,
and, together, we shall overcome!
Keep Christ alive inside your heart, my brother,
that Paradise above may be your sum!

Little by little...moment by by day...that's how we shall overcome and arrive IF we are followers of Jesus.  Be one of them with us, won't you?  He has plenty of room for YOU!

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