Friday, November 16, 2018

Living Life

Somehow, somewhere, somebody got the idea that, once you got saved, the troubles and trials of this life would skip you.  That's not going to happen until THIS life is over and we are in His Presence!

The trials of the day that are--

no person is immune.
There is abundant hope and peace, though,
for them that commune!
Connected to The True Vine, Jesus,
is the ONLY way
to press on through the trials that are
unto that perfect day!

Such is NOT a guarantee

ordeals will pass you by,
but He will not abandon you
and leave you high and dry!
He'll be right there beside you, feeling
everything you feel;
He'll be right there for to provide,
deliver and to heal!

So think not you're "untouchable"

as you go on your way,
just know that you are not alone
at ANY time of day!
And God--the very One Who made
the world that you go through
will be your Guard throughout this life
if you allow Him to!

Several people spoke to me today about trials and ordeals that they were going through.  I got a call tonight about another.  Most of those who spoke with me did so because they knew that we would pray...and it was people that belong to God that were talking!  We do so because we KNOW that we serve a merciful Lord Who WILL answer our prayers!
Have YOU such assurance?

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