Friday, November 9, 2018

Life upended!

Life happens...again.  For some, it is life that is not planned, is not wanted, and is not fair.  BUT GOD, He is fully aware of what is going on and HE WILL take care of you.  Can you trust Him?

"You are hope when there is little to be found;
You raise us up unto that solid ground;
Your arms--for there is nowhere they can't reach!
You hear our prayers, oh Lord, as we beseech.
And You respond in ways we can't explain!
Your ways, for they are anything but 'plain!'
When there is no way out You find a way;
that's why You are The Truth, The Life, The Way?

You see my situation and You're aware
what will be done to show us Your great care!
We look...see...feel...and we don't understand,
that does not hinder Your almighty hand!
And, in that hand, we stand firm and believe,
knowing that, from You, we will receive!
For we have idea, Lord, what 'could...'
but we trust and know that, from YOU, it will be good!"

Do you have that kind of assurance tonight?  If not, know that You are not alone.  And know that God is well aware of all that is happening where you are and He WILL NOT let you out of His hand!
We are praying for you.

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