Monday, November 26, 2018

Just "necessary?"

God is so good!  His goodness, in fact, is in place before we even know we have need of Him.  But is "need" all He is good for?

"You are so very necessary;
more than ever before?
But God, You've ALWAYS been right here;
inside, outside and more!
Why do so many call on You
when something's going wrong,
yet seem, Lord, to ignore you when
their hearts contain a song?

You are The God of constancy--
not just in situation!
And blessed are those who savor You
in constant relation!
You do not change at all, yet some
say they cannot find You!
In spite of what our "feelings" are,
You stay so very true!

You are so necessary, but
You're WANTED in MY life!
You join my celebrations, not
just rescue me in strife!
O help us all to KNOW that You,
for You are Life indeed,
and not just someone that we call
each time we have a need!"

The constancy of God. 
In fact, He is so consistent that He is even there with you before THAT problem may arise.  Recognize Him as such, and know the fullness and wonder of true friendship and relationship with Him!

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