Friday, November 2, 2018

Just a messenger

Going about the day... minding our own business... getting done what must get done... living life.  As such is done, however, does it ever occur to you that you are being "used?"  (And, by the way, you are also being watched!)

At the daily grind once more,

doing all I can;
is there time to stop at all
and "witness" unto man?
For it be true however, though,
that man is seeing all;
what greater opportunity
for the purest of "The Call!"
For all of them that come my way
should see not only me,
but Jesus should be on display--
so very plain to see!
Some won't listen to you "preach,"
but they will see it, though,
if You allow Him to flow freely
as you onward go!

The greatest sermons--they are lived,

not practiced and recited.
By the very life you live
should 'someone' be invited!
Live Him as you go your way--
peculiar, set apart;
for that is how to reach the very
deepest of the heart!

I was at the window today when a lady came through and said "You pray for people, don't you?"  Thrilled by her statement, I told her of course I did.  Being so busy, though, I gave her a card with my email address on it.  When I got home, there was her prayer request in my inbox.

This is all said to the glory of God.  After all, it is He Who answers those prayers, I am but a messenger.
Are you available?

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