Sunday, November 4, 2018


Father God.
So simple.  So complex.  So indescribable!  He is the same yesterday, today, forever...yet never boring!  What can mere words declare?

"You know me long before the day is come.
At morningtide, You know the whole day's sum!
You take care to see that we are cared about;
no man at all can figure such things out!
Such is due to the great depth, Lord, of Your love!
That asset You are so abounding of!
We only see that which is here and now;
but You have sealed our whole lives in Your vow!

So fortunate we are to know Your love!
So blessed, we, to belong to You above!
There is NO thing of which You are not aware;
this writer is so grateful for Your care!
So help me pen words that draw more to You!
These verses--cause all men to see right through
and behold You guiding, leading me
to write about the wonderments that You be!
Not me, not talent, or no intellect,
but Christ alone on which for to reflect
as anyone reads anything I write;
for it's in glorifying YOU I take delight!!"

God and God alone.  The Source of these words, these thoughts, these verses.  It is my sincere prayer that you, the reader, are drawn closer to Him as you read what I send out.  For I cannot write like this without Him guiding my heart and my hands!

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