Thursday, November 1, 2018

From the deck...

So beautiful.
Looking out across the landscape at "droppings" God has left behind.  Some of it is yet hanging in the trees, holding on until the last bit of strength is gone...

So colorful--the carpet on the ground;
How many are the colors to be found?
How vast to be the vision that's before?
BUT GOD, has He created "seasons" for?

As many scramble, keeping leaves at bay,
I view the land, declaring "That's ok!"
They may be a nuisance unto most,
but, by their beauty, would I be engrossed!

Autumn--one of God's amazing gifts!
The sight and scent so very highly lifts
and causes this man to look to the sky
at the creator of it: GOD MOST HIGH!

Autumn.  Do you see it as just a sign that you are getting older, or do you see it as the beautiful wonder that it is?  I pray that it be the latter, as it is a privilege denied to many!

Enjoy His gift of "seasons!"

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