Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Deep Within

This life is so...variable!  We have good days...we have bad days...we have GREAT days!  But there is One constant that remains the same no matter what day it is.  Do YOU know Him?

"That which is dwelling deep, so deep,
may it be only good!
O Lord, my God, there is so much
that, dwell upon, I could!
But You are greater, higher...more
than what could plague this place!
The "good" You are--oh keep me filled
according to Your grace!

O Lord, You are so very good,
and newer every day;
inside of me...outside of me...
and each step of The Way!
You cause me to experience
the good more than the bad;
oh Lord, You are the very best
experience I've had!!

That which is dwelling deep, so deep
is stabilizing so!
For You remain--in spite of what
this daily life may know!
And You reveal that goodness to me
in so many ways!
I look around;  I cling to You
and sing out Your great praise!"

Jesus.  So deeply indwelt.  So deep that nothing of this world may affect Him!  THAT'S the greatest "good" anyone can have!
And YOU can have it too.

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